Mother Mind Control 7: Remote Controlled Mom

by Amber FoxxFire

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With this device, I knew I could control anyone I wanted. The implications were enormous. Imagine being able to mind-control your boss. Or the rich guy down the street.

Or your mother.

But first I had to test it. Would my mother completely submit to my will? Would she practically tear off her clothes and proffer her motherly body to me? Would she beg me to put a baby in her belly?

I needed to know.


"There, that should do it." Vince ran his tongue over his lips, his eyes beaming with pride.

He held up the remote control device from his video game console. If this worked, he could make a billion and if it failed, he could always say it was just a practical joke. There was no way he could get caught and blamed for this.

According to his calculations, it should pick up any brainwaves that were around him and allow him to hijack the signal. He needed to try it out on someone to see if it would work. But who?

He turned the machine on and smiled when the green light flashed. It was ready and the closest person he found was his mother.

She was in the kitchen cooking or doing something.

He pressed a button and waited, his heart beating fast as anticipation built within him. When he heard the knock on his door, he knew it had worked.


Pushing a button on the control pad, he commanded her to come into the room. When she did, he knew his labor had finally paid off.

"Hon, do you want anything to eat?" She inquired, looking at her son's gadget curiously.

Thoughts of what he could do to his mother suddenly swirled in his mind. Then his secret fantasies bubbled from the darker corners of his brain.

Could he do it? Should he do it?

He pushed another button while feeding in his desires. Within seconds, his mother closed the door and fanned herself. Then she slid out of her blouse and slacks. With another push of a button, she danced, swaying her hips and making her melon-sized breasts jiggle.


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