Mother Mind Control 6: Help! I Was Mind Controlled By Aliens To Fuck My Son

by Amber FoxxFire

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Stopped in the middle of the road by a spaceship full of curious aliens, Wendy is mind-controlled to fuck her son.

Will she resist or will she give in to her carnal temptations? Find out what happens when her son’s true thoughts are revealed.

These pesky aliens might just get more than they bargained for.


"Mom! Look! I can't believe what I'm seeing!" Dan shouted, pointing to the glowing object in the middle of the road.

Wendy stared, her jaw dropped to the car floor in utter shock. She knew what it was, but couldn't wrap her mind around it. It was a UFO.

"They're real!?" Wendy muttered, wondering if this was some sort of hallucination.

"Mom! Look there!" Dan shouted even louder as her 18-year-old son pointed to the small, gray aliens that appeared outside their ship.

She rubbed her temples, wondering if the party, two nights ago, was still affecting her. No, she shook her head, alcohol didn't last that long in the body.

Then what was it? If it wasn't the drinks she had at the party, then what was it? She snapped her fingers, that was it, this was a dream.

No, she was taking her son home from a concert. Then what was going on? If all possibilities were ruled out, then this was real.


The grays walked up - or rather floated - to the car and peered inside. They spoke some strange words.

"What?" Wendy squeaked out.

"Greetings, earthling. We are here to study your inferior species, to see if you'd make good breeding stock." The small, bug eyed alien said to her.

She repeated her question as she blinked the alien stupidly.

The aliens spoke together and then the one turned to her.

"You - the older female - shall mate with your son so we may study your offspring." The small alien said to her as if he were a teacher explaining basic math to a slow student.

"What? No! Parents don't fuck their children. It's called incest and it's wrong." Wendy said defiantly as she frantically gunned the ignition.


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