Mother Incest 5-Pack Vol 1

by Velvet Diamond

Book Cover: Mother Incest 5-Pack Vol 1
Part of the Mother Incest 5-Packs series:
  • Mother Incest 5-Pack Vol 1

Yes, I was one of those lucky bastards. Not only did I have two mothers, but they were both as fucking hot as could possibly be.

Ever since turning 18, I'd been jerking it to just the thought of them. Stealing their panties, peeking glimpses of their sexy, naked bodies, whatever I could do to get myself off to them.

But now that I was of age, they wanted to...teach me what it meant to be a man...

Stories Included:

- Mother Incest 1: Turned Mom Into An 18-Year-Old Vixen
- Mother Incest 2: Hypnotized Mom To Fuck Me Instead Of Dad
- Mother Incest 3: Fucking My Two Mothers
- Mother Incest 4: Fucking Mom Right Behind Dad's Back
- Mother Incest 5: Knocked Up My 40-Year-Old Mother

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