Monster Rape 3-Pack Vol 1

by Monster Rape

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Demons and Devils and Mythological creatures of every kind (oh my!) will be included in these packs. These women are defiled and raped by savage beast-men. Cold, cruel and calculating, these animals ALWAYS get what they want.

* Raped By The Demon
* Gangraped By The Goblins
* Raped By The Vampire


Stories Included:

* Raped By The Demon

Her tender, 18-year-old flesh was tempting. Young, innocent and wide-eyed, I devoured her sexually, taking what I wanted by force. She was mine now. She fought me the entire way, but I was much too dominant and powerful for her.

In the end, I took everything I wanted from her and left her a husk of her former self.

- Demon


* Gangraped By The Goblins

The princess’ fine, succulent body was on full display for me and my boys. While my trusty bodyguard held her down, the Shaman cast spells to soften her up and I…well, let’s just say I took what was NOT mine.

Of course she fought, I’d have expected nothing less. But that made it even more fun. No woman had ever fought me before.

Who knew breeding an heir could be this much fun.

- Goblin Chief


* Raped By The Vampire


For this year’s sacrifice, I wanted something different. Blood was fine and all, but there was something more that I lusted after.

Mary proved to be the perfect victim. Young, naive and extremely feisty. Just how I liked them.

The thrill of the chase coursed through my veins. She ran from me, but she couldn’t hide. I had not been this excited in a thousand years. Blood could wait.

- Vampire Lord


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