Mom’s Helping Hand

by Amber FoxxFire

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Maria's son, Robbie, broke his arm in a skateboarding accident. With just one good arm, he was unable to take care of "certain" things. His mother, however, had no such problems and was more than happy to help him take care of business.


I kissed him on the forehead and bade him good night. Turning off the light, I had nearly shut the door when I heard his soft, quivering voice.

"Yes, honey?" I asked, and he bade me to his side.

"Mom..." I looked at his face and realized that he was beet red. My son was blushing! We'd always been an open family and I wondered suddenly what it was that my son was thinking that would cause him such embarrassment.

"What is it, baby?" I asked, gently pushing aside a lock of his brown hair from his deep blue eyes.

He shyly looked away, but I knew he had something on his mind.

"Did you need some water? Or a glass of milk?" That always helped him sleep when he was younger.

He shook his head.

"Then what is it, dear?"

"I...uh..." he struggled with his words and I puzzled over what could be so embarrassing to my son.

Suddenly, there was a tent that had formed under his sheet right where his...manhood was.


I covered my mouth as I realized exactly what my son needed from me.

"Oh honey!" I said, blushing furiously myself. "You can't take care of your...erection with your arm in a cast, is that it?"

He nodded, still unable to look at me.

I felt my pulse quicken and my panties moisten just thinking about how we were going to solve this...problem.

"Could you...I mean, I wouldn't ask, but..."

"Shh..." I stroked his hair as my mind danced with a thousand thoughts. Was I really going to stroke my son's cock? It was really no different than feeding him or bathing him or changing his diaper. Except that he was now older. And bigger. MUCH bigger.


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