Mom’s Helping Hands 5-Pack Vol 1

by Amber FoxxFire

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A sizzling collection of 5 super-hot mothers helping their sons in anyway they can. These mothers know exactly what their sons need. And they give it to them!


Stories Included:

* MHH 1: My Son Needs Me!
* MHH 2: Deep Tissue Massage
* MHH 3: Pre Mature Ejaculation
* MHH 4: Accidents Happen
* MHH 5: Bedside Service


* MHH 1: My Son Needs Me!

Mandy was concerned for her son. He’d been in an awful accident and was practically helpless. The nurses tended to his every need.

Except that one.

As his mother, it was her duty to make sure her son wanted for nothing. Especially now.

She gulped and quietly locked the hospital door…

* MHH 2: Deep Tissue Massage

After her son’s first football practice, Jill offered to give her handsome, muscular, 20-year-old son a full body massage.

A FULL body massage.


* MHH 3: Pre Mature Ejaculation

When Denise saw her 18-year-old son come home early from a date, she knew something was wrong. Should she approach him about it? What could it be?

She loved her son more than anything and just wanted what was best for him. But when she found out what the real trouble was, she had to decide just how much she loved him.

Was she willing to cross the forbidden line to help her son?


* MHH 4: Accidents Happen

Rita had always been a helicopter parent. And 18-year-old Ed hated it. But when he got into a minor fender-bender, he decided to push the limits on how far his mother would go to help him.

He’d read stories on the Internet about mothers helping their sons “take care of business” when they couldn’t do it themselves. But they were just stories, right? Surely such mothers didn’t exist.

Or did they?


* MHH 5: Bedside Service

Susie saw that her son was in a bit of a predicament after breaking his arm in that terrible motorcycle accident. She was just grateful that he was still alive.

The least she could do was help him.

In every way he needed it…


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