Mom’s Helping Hands 4: Accidents Happen

by Amber FoxxFire

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Rita had always been a helicopter parent. And 18-year-old Ed hated it. But when he got into a minor fender-bender, he decided to push the limits on how far his mother would go to help him.

He’d read stories on the Internet about mothers helping their sons “take care of business” when they couldn’t do it themselves. But they were just stories, right? Surely such mothers didn’t exist.

Or did they?


"Mom, I need some more pop." Ed called out from his bedroom.

"I'll bring it right up." Rita, his mother, answered back cheerfully.

"How is my baby boy?" She said as she stroked his brown hair and handed him the drink.

Even though he was 18-year-old, his 40-year-old mother had always treated him like a boy. He'd always been overprotected by mom, but this time he was taking full advantage of her.

A couple of days back, he had gotten himself into a fender bender. His mother was so traumatized, that she was convinced that he'd broken his arm. It was just sprained, but he'd read some stuff on the Internet and wanted to see if it was true.

Even though it was nothing serious and he could go and get whatever he wanted, he relied on his mother to get things for him. Which she happily did, like a dog willing to please its master.

He was treated like a king as she brought his food, made sure that his room was neat, and did everything he asked of her.


He wanted something else, but he would have to think of a way to broach the subject.

"I'm not doing too well mom." He let the lie slip from his lips one morning.
"Oh no! What is it?" She said anxiously, wringing her hands.

"I called the doctor today and explained what had happened." Ed said, knowing by his mother's intense gaze that her attention was completely on him.

"What did he say?" She gasped, putting a hand over her lips.

"He told me that I needed to take care of certain needs. But...I…I…Just can't do them." He looked away as if he were ashamed to tell his mother this." His heart caught in his throat as he tried to envision her reaction.


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