Mom’s Helping Hands 3: Pre Mature Ejaculation

by Amber FoxxFire

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When Denise saw her 18-year-old son come home early from a date, she knew something was wrong. Should she approach him about it? What could it be?

She loved her son more than anything and just wanted what was best for him. But when she found out what the real trouble was, she had to decide just how much she loved him.

Was she willing to cross the forbidden line to help her son?


"Trevor, what's wrong?" Denise rushed from the kitchen when she heard the slam of the front door just in time to see her 18-year-old son bound up the stairs.

He didn't answer, and she nibbled on her lip. She followed him and walked to his room.

What could've happened with his date tonight? Why was he home so early? He wasn't supposed to be home until one.

Knocking on his door, she waited for an answer.

"Yes, mom?" His voice came through the door. Was that shame in his voice? Something wasn't right.

"What's wrong?" She asked, wondering if they'd had a fight or something. "Can I come in?"


She walked in and saw her son sitting at his computer desk. This confused her even more when she saw that he was just sitting there and not playing his many computer games.

Sitting on the bed, Denise didn't know how to start conversation.

What was this all about? She wrung her hands.


"Would you like to talk about it?" Denise asked, maybe this would give her a clue as to what had occurred.

He sighed, but said nothing. When time went by and she felt that he would never spill what had happened, she began to wonder what it was.

"Mom, you wouldn't understand." He finally said, with a long drawn-out sigh.

"Try me."

Trevor rolled his eyes and then nodded as if he agreed with her statement.

"It's when I get a girl to jump in the sack with me…you know I get so excited that I…cum...far too fast and that ruins it for her and me." His face flushed bright red and Denise thought she could understand the humiliation that her son felt.

After some deliberation, she suddenly spoke up. "I think I have an answer for you." Denise said, knowing this would cure his problem from his premature ejaculation. His father suffered from the same problem.

"What?" Trevor arched an eyebrow. How could his mother possibly help him.

"Let me show you." Denise smiled as she started to undress her son, who was staring at her as if she had lost her mind.


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