Mommy’s Motel Fuck : Real Mothers 6

Mother Deflowers Son Incest Family Fuck

by Tori Westwood

My son and I made this trip every year, driving across the country to see my sister and her family, but I never figured this year would be so crazy.  Stopping over in a motel one night we land on the subject of sex and I'm amazed to discover he's still a virgin.  We get talking and I wind up showing him the intimate parts of a lady that he's never seen before.  But soon I want more than just a look and things unfold in a glorious, taboo fashion that sees him plant his seed deep inside me.


"What are you doing, Mom?"

"I'm giving you a quick, sex ed. class," I said simply.

Before Michael could protest further I'd downed my panties and lifted my negligee above my waist.

"Oh boy," Michael said, turning away suddenly.

"Michael," I said, almost sternly.  "Come on, you have to look if you want to learn."

He turned his head slowly towards me until he was staring right at my pussy.  It's hair was short and kempt at the top with just a little tuft that sat above my slit.  I knew it looked good.

I parted my lips and leaned back a little bit to give him a good view.  Michael's face was no more than a foot away from it and he stared in wonder as I parted my flesh.

"Is it always wet like that?" he asked, looking up in to my face innocently.

"Not always.  I guess I'm a little horny," I confessed.

"How come?"

"Same reason you are," I said, nodding to the television.


"Oh yeah," he said, laughing but still uncomfortable.

"Now do you see this little pink dot here," I said, parting my flesh and strumming a finger across my clit.

He leaned in closer.  "Yes, I see it," he said and I could see his hands moving beneath the sheets somewhere close to his cock.

"This is what you want to be toying with whenever you're intimate with a girl," I said, still strumming at it.

I began to get carried away in front of him and cruised my fingers down my channel, sliding one inside me and splaying the juices back up my velvet crease.

"It looks kind of hot, Mom," Michael confessed.

"Would you like to touch it?" I offered.

Michael wasted no time in bringing his hand from below the sheets and he reached out timidly.

"Go ahead," I said.  "You won't hurt me."

Soon I felt his fingers at my pussy and I spread it wide with both hands, looking in his eyes as I saw the lust and wonder mingling within him.

He moved inexpertly but I became even more turned on regardless, enjoying the sensation of someone else pleasuring my slit.

"That's good, Michael," I said, casting my head back and staring at the ceiling as my jaw tightened and I sucked in air through my teeth.

His finger tickled at my pink node and my body convulsed.

"Are you okay?" he asked, concerned.

"It's fine, Michael," I said.  "You just got me very ... very excited."

"Should I stop?"

"No, no" I said quickly.  "Never stop when you start doing the right thing."

Michael continued but before long his fingers weren't enough.

"You can taste it if you like," I said, looking down at him.

He looked up at me, all sweet and innocent.

"Go ahead," I urged.

Michael shifted in the sheets, excited to try.  He repositioned himself and stretched his head forward.  I could feel his hot breath draping over my pussy as he moved closer and his tongue took a big swoop across my lips.

"That's right Michael," I said.

He took a few more tentative licks and gave it a quick kiss.

"It tastes kinda good," he said, looking up to offer his verdict.

"Lay here," I offered now.  "On your back."

Michael did as instructed and I removed my panties, planting myself over him.  I straddled his face and became drunk with my own lust, wondering quite what the hell I was doing.

"Do I eat the whole thing?" he asked from between my legs.

"Oh yes, Michael," I said, leaning forward against the wall and pressing myself on to him.  "You eat the whole thing."


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