Mommy’s Milky Wake Up Call (Amber’s Quickies)

by Amber FoxxFire

I had no idea my mother was such a cougar! A simple wake-up call would have sufficed, but mom decided to go all out to rouse me out of my slumber. Her large, busty breasts leaked of fresh milk and all I could do was hang on for the ride!


She ran her fingers through my hair and stroked the side of my cheek as she worked her motherly magic on my cock.

Bursts of pleasure filled my head as I was assaulted with mom's sexuality from all angles. Her pussy - though not the tightest in the world - was very well muscled from years of experience. She used those muscles to great effect, stroking and massaging my poor cock as she slid her motherly body up and down.

I suckled one breast until it was nearly empty, then switched to the other.

"You like that, baby?" She cooed, looking down at me softly with her large, hazel eyes. "You want mama to feed you breakfast in bed from now on?"

I nodded vigorously with her large, succulent teat hanging from my mouth.

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