Mommy’s Gambit : Mommy’s Creampies 15

by Tori Westwood

Book Cover: Mommy’s Gambit : Mommy’s Creampies 15
Part of the Mommy's Creampies series:

My son Eric and I often played chess, but we never played it quite like this.  After a brief, embarrassing discussion about my status as a ‘MILF,’ Eric and me begin a game with a different kind of stakes.  If he wins, he gets to see my topless.  I’m not worried; Eric has never beaten me before in his life.  Turns out he just needed the right incentive!

Read as Mommy’s gambit gets her in hot, sticky water!


“Mate?” Eric asked.

I extended a hand across the table.  “Good game,” I said, and I got up from my seat.  “That was fun.  I’m gonna go make some lunch, would you like anything?”

“What about …?” Eric began.

“What about what?”

“Mom!” he cried.  “You said!”

“I said what?”

“That if I won I could see”—he nodded—“those.  You’re a woman of your word, aren’t you?”

I was.  In fact I’d led with that very saying on more than one occasion in front of him.  I’d stressed integrity and honesty to him growing up and to back out now would sully all of that.

“I am,” I said.

Eric stood and watched as I turned to face him.  Steadily my hand came up to my shirt and I unbuttoned it slowly.  At first I was nervous, but seeing the eagerness in his eyes made my confidence grow.


Eric swallowed nervously and licked his lip, watching my hand as it tackled the buttons of my blouse.

I pulled it open to reveal my breasts below.  They sat large in the hammock of my bra cups, bunched together and looking more inviting than I’d ever known them.

“Whoa,” Eric said.

I could sense the arousal in him immediately.  His cheeks turned hot and he shuffled in his chair, readjusting himself.

I pulled the blouse off my shoulders and felt my confidence grow, un-tucking it from my pencil skirt and tossing it over the back of the chair that sat opposite him.

Eric looked quickly to the discarded garment and then again at me.  His eyes were like saucers as they stared at my tits.

I thought about leaving it there and telling him that was enough, but a huge part of me wanted to continue.   I could feel my own arousal growing as my handsome son stared and enjoyed me.

“More?” I asked.

Eric nodded, taking a rare look at my face.  He spotted my wry smile and afforded himself one, but the smirk vanished when I moved my hands behind my back.

In unclipped the clasp slowly and felt the tension lift around my breasts.  I left the bra in place and moved my hands back around to the front, hooking my fingers over each cup.

Eric sat up straighter in his chair, staring eagerly.  His arm moved at the shoulder.  I could only guess what it was up to beneath the table.

“Enjoying the show?” I asked.

He let out a laugh, but his arm didn’t stop.  The thought of him stroking himself as he watched me was just too much.  Eric’s virgin cock sat only a few meters away from me and it was hard all because of me.


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