Mommy’s Creampies Books 9 – 12 : 4-Pack

by Tori Westwood

Book Cover: Mommy’s Creampies Books 9 – 12 : 4-Pack
Part of the Mommy's Creampies series:

The Mommy’s Creampies 4 pack features books 9 - 12 of the series, where mature, insatiable moms are given the fillings they crave, taking their sons’ hot love in sinful fashion.

Featuring : ‘I Saw My Son Naked – And I Liked It,’ ‘Snowed In And Plowed,’ ‘My Son’s Sinful Confessions,’ and ‘My Son Watches Me Play.’


Cooper advanced on me and I watched as his face drew near to my breasts.  I’d held him there as a babe-in-arms but now the dynamic was much different.  He was an adult now and what’s more he was just as turned-on as I was.  This was only ending one way.

“Good boy,” I said softly as I felt his lips touch my nipple.

He opened his mouth over them and I let out a soft moan.  My hand came to his head and I pushed my fingers through his brown hair, holding him against me.

At first he kissed them sweetly, then he started to suck and use his tongue to circle them.

“Is that good?” he asked, glancing up at me.

“Yes, Cooper.  Don’t stop yet.”

He tongued his way around and I felt the charged lust flood through my body.  My pulse rose and my jaw rattled as I breathed.

“Oh, honey.”


I held him to me, looking down my body and watching him latch himself on to my nipple.  His hand moved underneath him and I watched his shoulder rock.  I couldn’t see what he was doing but I could have a pretty good guess.

“You’re gonna jerk that thing and not let Mommy see?” I said.

Cooper leant back away from me, wiping at his mouth.  I could feel the air catch the wetness on my nipple but I couldn’t concentrate on that for long.  Soon I was looking at my son’s beautiful cock all over again, only this time it was wrapped in his fist and he was doing things to it that a mother should never see.

“That’s it,” I said softly.  “Play for Mommy.”

Cooper seemed slow and cautious at first.  I could tell just from his demeanor that he hadn’t done anything like this before.  Truth-be-told it felt like my first-time all over again too.  I was more nervous than ever.

“Now that is a sight that no woman could ignore,” I said.

He leaned further back, his confidence growing.  “You like it when I play with my cock, Mom?”

The light played over his abs as I watched him drag his fist up along his length.  Each time he did so his balls would bounce, hanging there invitingly and drawing the eye.

I slid off the edge of the lounger and squatted in front of him, putting my knees between his open legs.  It was kind of obvious of my intentions, but I felt like I should warn him nonetheless.

“Mommy’s gonna have to try and put that in her mouth, okay?”

“I was hoping you would,” Cooper said, and he let go of his cock.

It fell back against his body and I moved towards it slowly, as though anything sudden might startle it.

I slid my fingers under the barrel and lifted him off his chest, taking a grip of the girth and feeling the power in my hands.  It felt heavy.  I held him there and stared down over the little slit on the rounded head of his cock.  I took a look into his eyes and made a show of licking all the way around my lips.

“Will Jessica do this?” he asked.

“She might,” I said.  “But she won’t be half as good at it.”

With that I opened my mouth and slipped my lips down over his crown, listening to him exhale above me.

His hands rushed to the edge of the lounger as he sucked a breath, then his knuckles turned white as I started to roll my tongue around his girth.

“Mom, that’s amazing,” he hushed, barely able to speak.


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