Mommy’s Creampies Books 21 – 24 : 4-Pack

by Tori Westwood

Book Cover: Mommy’s Creampies Books 21 – 24 : 4-Pack
Part of the Mommy's Creampies series:

The Mommy’s Creampies 4 pack features books 21 - 24 of the series, where mature, insatiable moms are given the fillings they crave, taking their sons’ hot love in sinful fashion.

Featuring : ‘Insatiable,’ ‘Sex With My Son On The Links,’ ‘Cross Pollination,’ and ‘My Sons Came In My P Then F’d My A.’


I saw first the face of my son staring back at me aghast.  My eyes ran down his naked, muscled body to see the tip of his cock poking out from some black fabric that he held around it in his fist.


He moved his hand away quickly and tried to pull up the duvet.  The black garment fell to the floor and I recognized it immediately to be a pair of my panties.

“Justin?  Are they mine?”

I bent to the floor and pinched them in my fingers.  I held them up to him.

“I—I found them,” he stuttered.

“You found them in the house.  In my house.”

“I didn’t know they were yours!”

“Who else could they belong to?”

He swallowed nervously.

“Have you been jerking off with my panties?”

Again, silence.

“You can tell me, Justin,” I said, and I perched on the edge of his bed.

He pulled the duvet up around and waited nervously.


“I don’t mind, you know,” I told him.  “Mommy’s been doing some pretty naughty things herself.

He looked cautious and intrigued.  “Like what?”

I decided to go for broke and see where it got me.  “I’ve been having these thoughts …”

“What kind of thoughts?”

“Naughty thoughts.  Thoughts that a mother shouldn’t be thinking … about her son.”

Justin’s eyes lit up.  “About me?”

I nodded.

“What are they?”

“You don’t want to know.”

“I do,” he said, sitting up in bed.  “I really do.”

“Just the craziest thoughts, Justin.  Thinking about you in ways that I shouldn’t.”

“Maybe we’ve been having the same thoughts?”

“What do you think about?”

He turned sheepish.  Neither of us wanted to be the first to outright say it.

“You can say it,” I urged, touching the covers above his leg.  “Tell me what you think about.”

“I … I think about … us.  Together.  Doing … things.”

I closed my eyes and felt the lust build.  “Say it, Justin.  Please say it.”

“I think about fucking you.”

I exhaled long and deep.  It was the confession that I’d dreamed of hearing.

“I think about fucking you too,” I told him.  “I thought about coming into this room and taking your cock.  I thought about it inside me.”

Again Justin swallowed but his nerves were abating.  The cards were out on the table.

“Tell me how you’d do it,” I pleaded.

“How I’d … fuck you?”

I nodded.

“I always picture you on top,” he said.  “I picture myself staring up at your naked body as you bounce on me.”

“Oh, Justin,” I hushed.

I moved my hand up his leg slowly squeezing his thigh.  He seemed tense, as though I was close to touching the prize beneath.

“What else do you imagine?” I asked.

“I imagine you pulling back the duvet and sucking on my hard cock.”

He’d played the ball right into my side of the court.  It was do or die, but I’d made the decision before I even walked into the room.


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