Mommy’s Creampies Books 17 – 24 : 8-Pack

by Tori Westwood

Book Cover: Mommy’s Creampies Books 17 – 24 : 8-Pack
Part of the Mommy's Creampies series:

The Mommy’s Creampies 8 pack features books 17 - 24 of the series, where mature, insatiable moms are given the fillings they crave, taking their sons’ hot love in sinful fashion.

Featuring : ‘My Son’s Hard Cock Was a Side-Effect,’ ‘Be My Naughty Photographer,’ ‘Fucking My Son In The Gym,‘Creampied By My Son Beneath The Stars,’ ‘Insatiable,’ ‘Sex With My Son On The Links,’ ‘Cross Pollination,’ and ‘My Sons Came In My P Then F’d My A.’


“I really think you should be taking this more seriously.”

“I—I just didn’t know that was a side-effect.”

“Well it clearly is!  I was fine before you stuck that in my arm.”

“It isn’t an erection-maker, honey, I can assure you.”

“Then how do you explain this?”

Hayden nodded down and I took another look.  God, he was big.  That was the one thought that was lingering behind just how funny the whole thing was.

“It’ll go down,” I told him.

“But it isn’t!  And it’s kind of hurting.”


He nodded.

“Let me see,” I told him.


“I’m a nurse, honey, let me see.  I’ve seen far worse, trust me.”

It was that small sentence that would be my undoing.  I truly believed that I’d be able to look at it from the perspective of a nurse, rather than that of a lust-filled woman who hadn’t had sex in what felt like forever.


Hayden shook his head, but unfastened his pants nonetheless.  He stood up and downed his jeans.   I looked at the thick length that stretched up the inside of his boxers.

“And your underwear,” I told him.  “Or should I do that?”

Hayden shuffled awkwardly.  It couldn’t have been how he imagined this going and I felt kind of bad.

“Okay, just look ahead at the wall.  I’ll do this.”

Hayden stared over me and I took a breath, hoping he didn’t notice how utterly out of my depth I felt.

I curled my fingers over the waist of his boxer -shorts and slid inside, moving the garment down slowly and watching it slide over the thickness beneath.

“Oh, jeez,” Hayden said, shuffling his feet.

“Don’t worry,” I told him.

His cock sprang up out of his pants and I recoiled in shock.  I wasn’t expecting it to bounce right out like that, and I wasn’t expecting it to look so delicious and angry.  He was so charged with lust that the veins looked ready to pop.  It looked harder than anything I’d ever seen.

“Is it okay?” he asked.

I looked up at him to see him still staring ahead.  It meant I could study him a little more closely.

“It looks more than okay,” I said, letting out a laugh.  “Just very, very hard.”

“Will it go down?”

“I expect.”

I moved my hand towards it and touched him, angling his cock aside and looking down the barrel.  I was, of course, studying it for any signs of medial distress.

“Everything seems in order.”

“That kind of feels good,” Hayden said.  “It doesn’t hurt when you do that.”

“It doesn’t?”

I tickled my fingers on the underside of his cock and Hayden let out a groan.  “That’s working, Mom,” he said.

“I bet it is.”


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