Mommy’s Creampies Books 1 – 24 : 24-Pack

by Tori Westwood

Book Cover: Mommy’s Creampies Books 1 – 24 : 24-Pack
Part of the Mommy's Creampies series:

The Mommy’s Creampies 24-pack features books 1-24 of the series, where mature, insatiable moms are given the fillings they crave, taking their sons’ hot love in sinful fashion.

Featuring : ‘Desperately Bred By My Son,’ ‘OMG I Want My Son’s Length,’ ‘Moving Next-Door To My Son,‘My Son’s Weight-Bench Stiff-Length,’ ‘I Fucked My Son Before He Became A Priest,’ ‘Back-Seat Cinema Sex With My Son,’ ‘Fucking My Son After My High-School Reunion,‘My Son’s Sex Lesson,’ ‘I Saw My Son Naked – And I Liked It,’ ‘Snowed In And Plowed,’ ‘My Son’s Sinful Confessions,‘My Son Watches Me Play,’ ‘The Time I F’d My Son,’ ‘Sex Therapy,’ ‘Mommy’s Gambit,‘Night Nurse,’ ‘My Son’s Hard Cock Was a Side-Effect,’ ‘Be My Naughty Photographer,’ ‘Fucking My Son In The Gym,‘Creampied By My Son Beneath The Stars,’ ‘Insatiable,’ ‘Sex With My Son On The Links,’ ‘Cross Pollination,’ and ‘My Sons Came In My P Then F’d My A.’


“You look …”


“Hot,” he said, and the words felt like a struggle for him.

I pursed my lips and swelled with pride, though I tried not to let it show.

“You look hot too,” I said, eyeing down his body and noticing the thick slab that sat underneath his tight underwear.  “Is that for me?”

Justin looked down.  “Oh,” he said.  “That’s—uhh—an accident.”

“Doesn’t look like an accident to me,” I said, and I took a step closer.

He shifted his weight, still wary.

“Mommy can take care of it for you.  You know that, right?”

He nodded.

“Mommy can take real good care of it.”

I stepped closer and pushed my fingers down the front of his waist, pulling the underwear out.

He stepped forward so as not to reveal himself, taking the slack at the expense of getting closer.  He looked down his nose, only an inch or so away from me.


“Honey,” I purred.  “Are you coming on to me?”

He was dumbstruck.  Who wouldn’t be?  Your own mother was seducing you and now she was making out like it was all your fault.

“I—I was just here to help,” he said.

“You’re helping.  You’re helping me a lot.”

I moved my hand down over my body and closed my eyes, exhaling deeply as though the slightest touch was driving me wild.

“Come and help Mommy some more,” I hushed, taking his hand and bringing it forwards.

Again he gulped, but he didn’t stop me this time.  Instead he let me place one of his hands right onto my naked tits.  I let go and he squeezed my flesh, causing me to groan for real this time.

“Yes, honey!”

My nipples stiffened to his touch and I felt my pussy flood with juices, as though it was waiting for the first moment of contact.

“Does it feel good?”

“Uh-huh,” he said, a tremble in his voice.

“Use both hands.”

Steadily he brought his other hand to my tits and squeezed the both of them together, breathing deep and becoming more animated as he played with my charms.

I watched the concentration on his face as his hands played with me, as though this was some kind of exact science and he was using incredibly calculated movements.

“Don’t just stop there,” I encouraged, walking closer.

He put a hand around my back and hugged him, pressing my tits against his bare chest and feeling the thick, hard dick of his press against my midriff.

“Oh, honey,” I groaned.  “I think you need Mommy’s help too, huh?”

I leaned back away and looked into his eyes.  He didn’t say a word.  It looked as though he wanted to say yes, but knew how wrong it would be to admit it.

“Be a shame to get this cock all stiff for no reason, wouldn’t it?”


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