Mommy Nursed Him : Real Mothers 8

Mommy Son Taboo Incest Erotica

by Tori Westwood

My darling man is sick in bed and has run up a terrific fever.  The only way to cool him down is giving him a sponge bath, but when he’s in the tub he suddenly becomes very excitable.  Looking at his hard cock is driving me wild and I just can’t help myself.  Soon I’m sitting on his big, veined dick and I can’t get enough of it.  It’s just so wrong!


I looked to George’s face and thankfully his eyes were closed with no idea that his own mother was scrutinizing his dick so closely.

My hand continued to swirl the water at his side and I gradually began to splash it on him, letting it fall gently across his cock and making it twitch a little.  I was ashamed to admit that it was quickly turning me on, but I had to try to keep control.  I was his mother for goodness sake!

When the water was a little over his waist I grabbed the sponge and George seemed to relax a little.

“It feels better already,” he said softly with his eyes still closed.

I wet the sponge and dabbed it across his body, trying to cool him and trying not to drench my panties in the process.

Suddenly it felt like he was no longer my son and that I was instead tending to an athletic stud that had found himself in the bathroom of my house.  I bathed him like I were some kind of ancient Roman servant and he was my master.


I let the water run over him and watched it trickle down his abs towards his dick.  His pubic hair was trimmed close and I could fully appreciate the majesty of his cock that had slowly begun to grow at his waist.  I bit my lip at the predicament but ultimately it wasn't a hard decision.

I watched in astonishment as I continued, seeing his dick growing and growing by the second as I slowly massaged him with the sponge.

As I looked to his face I saw his eyes shut tight quickly, trying not to make eye-contact and pretending as though everything were normal.

I tried to keep up the charade too but as I watched his cock grow I knew it wouldn’t be long before I’d be making a grab for it.

“Does this feel nice, honey?” I asked, trying to ease the fast-mounting tension in the room.

“It feels good, Mom,” he answered, still refusing to acknowledge the elephant in the room.

I began to sponge down his body now, moving slowly lower and lower and getting us both excited in the process until I was dabbing water over his big, thick cock.  Something about making it move was driving me wild, as though I were gradually proceeding, step-by-step, towards an inevitably lusty conclusion.

“I guess we better cool this down too,” I said, tenderly patting it and enjoying watching it move.


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