Mommy Dearest 8-Pack Vol 7

by Amber FoxxFire

"I'm not leaving." Max stated flatly as he folded his arms across his chest, daring his mother to force the issue.

He was 20 years old, still lived at home and wanted to stay at home until he could get on his feet. The young man saw no reason to leave until he did so.

"You're leaving! You need to be out on your own and discover life for yourself." Maya strode toward him with her hand raised.

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- Mom’s Helping Hands 2: Deep Tissue Massage
- Mom & Sis 1: Playing Hide & Seek With Mom & Sis
- Mom’s Helping Hands 3: Pre Mature Ejaculation
- Breaking Bad Girls 2: Breaking Mom
- Mom’s Helping Hands 4: Accidents Happen
- Pure Sex 7: Spraying My Seed Deep In My Mother's Cunt
- Mother Mind Control 7: Remote Controlled Mom
- Mom’s Helping Hands 5: Bedside Service


I thought I had heard a noise downstairs. It was the middle of the night and mom and dad were sound asleep. Who could it be?

With my heart pounding in my chest, I tip-toed downstairs to see what was up. I grabbed a baseball bat as it could be an intruder.

When I rounded the corner to the kitchen, I saw that it was mom. Relaxing, I put down the bat and asked her what was going on. I've never actually seen her do the dishes in the middle of the night before.

But the way she answered me alerted me that something was up. This wasn't normal. Her speech was slow and her eyes glassy.

Then it hit me. She was sleepwalking! Oh my God, I couldn't believe it. Were the stories true? I'd heard that sleep-walkers sometimes couldn't be awoken - especially when drugs like Ambien were used.

I wanted to put that to the test.

My cock tugged in my shorts as I thought about what I was going to do.

"Mom?" I whispered softly in her ear. "Can you hear me?"


"Yes, Tom, what do you want?" She asked, looking not so much at me, but through me.

"You're sound asleep, right?"

She nodded and furrowed her brow.

"Good. Take off your nightgown and show me your tits." I gulped, hoping that her eyes wouldn't fly open and she wouldn't bust me.

I groaned as my 38-year-old mother did just that. With no fanfare, she just chucked her nightie up over her head and threw it on the ground.

I looked around nervously, wondering if dad was going to bust in on us. But I could faintly hear him snoring upstairs.

I turned my attention back to my voluptuous mother. Her large, matronly breasts were on full display and I almost had a heart attack at how easy it was to get my mother to disrobe.

What else could I get her to do?

"Thrust out your breasts. Let me feel them..." I said, licking my lips in anticipation. "Beg me to feel you up." I added.

To my utter shock, mom did exactly as I told her. She pressed out her very large, DD-cup breasts and let me - her 18-year-old son - fondle them. It was like she was a whole 'nother animal.

"Please, son, touch my breasts. Squeeze and play with them. I need to feel your mouth around my nipples." She moaned.


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