Mom Took My Virginity

by Amber FoxxFire

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I knew my son needed release. It was painfully obvious that he was still a virgin. I’m not sure why, either. He was tall, very muscular and extremely handsome. He’d been working out for the last several months and had turned himself into a heartthrob.

Maybe he just needed a little help… I waited for the perfect moment and then seduced him. I taught him everything he needed to know about sex.


"Derek! You get out of those clothes this instant!" I scolded him as I moved to help him remove his jacket. "You're soaking wet!" My heart thudded in my chest and my lady parts became warm and wet.

What was it about my son that set my heart on fire? Maybe it was because he was the spitting image of his father. Whatever it was, I knew that right now was my chance.

"Mom!" He protested as I helped him out of all of his clothes. But I waggled a finger at him and told him to jump in the bath.

"We've got to get you warmed up! You'll catch your death!"

Derek sighed heavily as he covered his maleness and shivered his way to the bathroom. I quickly followed and slipped inside behind him.

"Mom! What are you doing in here?" He said in surprise.


"It's my job as a mother to help you and I'm going to do it." My pussy literally throbbed at those words. I helped my son get ready for his bath, even though he was dubious about the whole thing. But dammit, I was his mother and I was still concerned for him.

Being so close to my gorgeous hunk of a son I couldn't help but soak my panties. In fact, I actually got the bright idea to disrobe.

"Mother!" He said shortly as he eyed my naked body up and down. I saw a gleam of lust in his blue eyes and I smiled to myself knowing that this was going to be extremely easy.

"What? If I'm going to help you bathe, I don't want to get my nice clothes wet."

Before another word could be said, I turned and locked the door. My son stared lustily after my body and for just a moment I felt like a young girl exposing herself to her boyfriend for the first time.

"What?" I shoved my breasts up to meet his gaze. "Have you never seen a woman's breasts before?"


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