Mom Swap 4-Pack : Books 1 – 4

by Tori Westwood

What would you do if you woke up in the body of your own Mom?  Freak out, of course, but after that … then what?

Find out how mature women’s sons behave when they’re granted the chance to live for a time in the body of their own mothers.

Contains books 1 – 4 of the ‘Mom Swap’ series : ‘Son Becomes Mom,’ ‘Reflections Of Sin,’ ‘Mom For A Night,’ and ‘The Female Form.’


Chris hurried the crotch of his panties aside.  The whirring of the toy’s motor sounded in the kitchen, but Chris kept his hearing astute.  He listened for the slightest of noises upstairs but began to wonder who he was protecting.

It dawned on him in that moment that the thoughts he harbored while embodying his own mother were the same thoughts he held himself the night before.  He realized that the Chris upstairs was himself.  They were one-and-the same, but inhabiting different bodies.

If Chris felt turned-on by his own mother whilst he was in her body, then he was damned sure he’d be turned-on by her when he was outside of her body.


He thought of himself lying in bed upstairs, oblivious to his mother’s naughty fumblings in the room below.  Chris decided to treat himself and hoped that his Mom would see it as a treat too.  He wanted to give her the gift of a real hard cock, and it had been a long time since she’d had one of those.  He wanted too to give himself the gift of a mature, soaking pussy—and he knew full-well that his Mom had one of those.

“Don’t over-think it,” Chris hushed, and it was as though his Mom was giving him the advice.  It sounded much more reasonable in her calming, forty-something, feminine voice.  Were Chris able to hear himself speak, he might not think the idea so amazing.

He switched off the vibrator and took it back upstairs to his Mom’s bedroom.  He stowed it in the drawer of her bedside table and then spotted his Mom’s phone on top of it.

He used his finger to unlock the device and went immediately to his Mom’s photos folder.  Inside he found pictures of her in the mirror, posing in different outfits.  There were before-and-after photos from when she’d begun working-out last year.  Chris admired the progress, then he looked down at her body to admire it some more.  He took off her t-shirt and ran his hands down over his Mom’s flat stomach as he compared it to the photos from before.

Chris came out of one folder and then scrolled down further.  His finger stopped when he caught sight of one named, “alone time.”

He gave a smirk and selected it.  The folder opened to reveal a whole host of photos, each of them containing skin-like tones.  He clicked one at random and the image filled the screen.

“Huh?” he startled.

On the screen was a photo of himself at a pool-party he’d attended at college.  He was topless and the light of the sun had been very flattering to the muscles of his stomach.

“I didn’t know I looked that good,” he said, listening once-more to his Mom’s voice.

Chris scrolled on and then found more and more photos of himself from college.  There must have been hundreds, all gleamed from the internet and all of him in varying states of undress.  He came back out of the folder and read the name of it again aloud.

“Alone time.”

He looked in the direction of his bedroom, his eyes bulging.  His Mom lusted after him in secret in much the same way that he yearned for her.  It was as though the angel from the night before had sought to pair the two together, despite the sinful nature of such an act.

“Fuck,” Chris hushed.  “I—I’m going to fuck myself with my Mom’s body.”


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