Mom Has Amnesia & Thinks She’s My Sex Slave

by Amber FoxxFire

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That car accident was a doozy. Doc said we were lucky mom was even alive. Months of healing and recovery later and she was back to her old self - just like nothing had even happened.

Except for one, teeny-tiny-little thing:

She had amnesia and straight-up believed that she was my sex slave. Mom would literally do ANYTHING I told her to. Anything.


"Slave, come!" I called out from my bedroom.

My nude mother entered the room, her hips swayed as she walked to my bed. Her large, motherly melons swayed and danced before my eyes.

"Yes, master?" My forty-year-old mom said, looking into my eyes, eager to fulfill my every whim.

Moonlight bathed her body, making the scene more magical. It was like my dream had stepped into my reality just to pleasure me.

Heat flushed through me and my mouth watered. My fingers itched to touch her forbidden pillows of motherly delight.

"Master, do you need anything?" Her voice was so husky my blood pounded through me with wild lust.

Licking my dry lips, I shook off the forbidden idea which made me tremble. I knew I wanted it even though, it was wrong.

"Mom, you're suffering from amnesia and..." Her silky lips pressed into mine and her soft hands roved over my muscular body, sending sparks of desire through me.


"Master, you have a wonderful sense of humor. I'm your sex slave, willing to do anything you wish of me." Her voice was so seductive I found I couldn't think.

The doctors had told me she'd lost all her memories due to the car accident. All they could do was hope she'd regain them. When I brought her home, she insisted she was my sex slave.

"I'm not your master. I'm your 18-year-old son, Marcus. You're my 40-year-old mother, Monica." I swallowed, running my tongue over dry lips.

"I'll do anything you wish." Her hot breath tingled down into my ear. "Let me show you what I can do, master. I'll cook, clean and...other things..."

Her hand slid down my boxers and touched the aching cock-head. Her fingers were so warm and teasing and she smiled devilishly. She wrapped them around my throbbing shaft, her hand warm and inviting. She tightened her grip on my cock and then massaged it all while looking deep into my eyes.


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