Mom Grounded Me, I Pounded Her!

by Amber FoxxFire

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This was the last time mom would ever ground me. I was 19 now and wasn’t going to stand for it. Slipping out to the herbal shop, I found exactly what I was looking for: sleeping powder.

A little in her tea and she was out like a light.

Now for payback. And you know what they say about payback. Just like my mother.


Pulling back the covers, I revealed her nude form. I let my eyes wander all over her curvy body as I drank in her sensuous beauty. At 40, mom was a head-turner. God damn if every one of my college friends didn't want to bang her.

Now I was going to bang her.

Mom was an average height of 5'4", long-flowing brown hair, green eyes. She looked hotter than most girls 20 years her junior. My cock stiffened as my eyes came to rest on her ripe, C-cup breasts. Did I dare touch them?

I stroked her peaceful, resting face and ran my hands through her hair as I contemplated my plan of attack.

Now that she was mine, I needed to figure how to do this. My dick jumped in my hand. Yeah, hold on, friend. We'll get there. But first I want to savor my victory.


I bent down and kissed her on the lips. I'd never had a woman before - I guess mom was going to be my first. Instinctively, she kissed me back. My heart sped up as I worried about her waking, but she was out cold.

I let my hand brush lightly against her breasts and her nipple stiffened under my touch. My first kiss. My first touch of a female breast. If I didn't have such great control, I would've shot my wad right then. But I wanted to savor this.

I knelt down and took one of mom's fat, savory nipples into my mouth and began to suckle. She moaned slightly, but stayed perfectly asleep.

I caressed her other breast and let my fingers knead her doughy softness. No doubt, these babies were real!

I kissed her neck and face as my cock began to leak pre-cum all over my hand. Speaking of hand, I took hers and wrapped her slender fingers around my slick dick and started pumping. My own mother was jerking me off! God if this wasn't hot!

"Oh God mom!" I moaned as I began kissing her belly. It was so flat and smooth. I wondered what her cunt looked like. How did it taste?


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