Mom For A Night : Mom Swap 3

by Tori Westwood

Jake had always been skeptical, so when a mystic offers to transform him into the body of his willing mother Betty he had no idea it’d actually happen!

At home the two explore their new bodies in private, but Jake is conflicted.  He goes to see how his mother is getting on and is amazed to find her jerking it on his bed!  She’s enjoying Jake’s body to the fullest so he figures he should do the same.

Read as Jake put himself in his Mom’s body and uses it to claim his virgin length.


“I can’t do this,” he said, but he couldn’t convince himself.

He reached behind and struggled with the bra strap.  His face contorted as he fought to free himself, then suddenly he felt the snap and the release.  His breasts dropped ever-so-slightly.

Jake was trembling.  His slender fingers shook as he stripped the bra off himself and moved it down his shoulders.

Finally he saw his mother’s nipples appear, all soft and pink on her chest.  He looked down to confirm that they were right there in front of him and then shook his head in disbelief.

“Oh, Jake,” he said now, trying out the words.  He felt a tingle between his legs as he became increasingly excited.  He’d longed to hear his mother’s voice talk in such sultry tones.

“Touch my tits, Jake,” he said.


He moved his mother’s hands and felt her breasts.  He took their weight and pushed them together, marveling at the spectacle that played out in the mirror.

Finally he turned around and looked at his shapely ass.  He pushed back and looked at the curves, watching the flow of the yoga-pants move round and through his legs.

“Look at that,” he whispered in awe.

Jake pushed the yoga-pants down and realized that his mother was wearing a thong.  He looked at her bare ass, split with the fabric that curved between her ass-cheeks.

“Oh, Mom.  That’s perfect.”

He was so grateful that she’d taken care of herself and started to scald himself for ever mocking her lifestyle.

“You do you, Mom,” he said.

He felt a pang of guilt and slipped the pants back up over himself.  He turned and looked at his Mom’s naked tits again, then he grabbed his t-shirt and stowed them away out of sight.

“You can’t,” he said.  “It isn’t right.”

He walked from the bathroom in defiance of his own fantasy, rejecting it and thinking himself stupid.

Jake bounded up the stairs and went to his room.  He didn’t even think to knock—it was his room after-all.

The door opened and he saw himself on the bed.  His pants were round his ankles and he was jerking his own stiff cock with a look of euphoria on his face.  Or rather, his Mom was.

“Now this is fun,” she said.


“It just sprang up out of nowhere,” Betty said, her voice deep and happy.

“Mom, jeez!”

“Come on, you’ve seen it all before,” she laughed.

Jake couldn’t believe it.  She didn’t even stop.  He stood in the doorway and shook his head in disbelief as his Mom jerked his cock.  He felt stupid for feeling so guilty in the bathroom.

“How long have you been doing that?!”

“A few minutes,” his Mom said.  “How long does it usually take for you to come?”

“Don’t!” Jake said, and he rushed forwards.

He went for his hand and his Mom started to laugh.  Jake began laughing too, teasing his own hand away from his own cock.  It was like a playful fight, only with a much more erotic backdrop than usual.

“What if you do it?” his Mom said now.  “Would that help?”

“I can’t believe you,” Jake said.

His Mom raised an eyebrow.  “You’re telling me you didn’t do anything with my body while you were downstairs.

“No,” Jake lied.

“Then you’re a damned idiot.  Knock yourself out!”

“While you sit up here jerking my cock?!” Jake cried.

What a sight the two made.  Betty was protesting on the bed in the body of her son with his pants around his ankles and his stiff cock flailing upwards, while Jake was scalding her for masturbating, stood at the foot of the bed inhabiting his mother’s body.  It was like parenting in reverse.

“Go crazy,” his Mom said.  “I plan to.”

Jake was defiant.  “Fine!”

He stood before her and undressed, hoping that he’d be able to change the smirk that his mother gave his face.  If anything it grew wider as he tossed his t-shirt to the floor and bounced his tits in his hands.


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