Mind Controlling My Sister To Bimbofy Her Best Friend

by Amber FoxxFire

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After bimbofying my entire family, taking them each one individually and then all at once, it was time for something new.

A darkened movie theater seemed just the place. Turning the dial on my BimbApp all the way, I instructed by air-headed, bimbofied sister to invite her hottest, friend to the theater with us.

Would the app work on just anyone? Including my sister’s super cute best friend, Patty?


Hot Preview:

It had been a few days since my last big gangbang with my family. I had taken my sister, aunt, mom, and cousin and had fucked each and everyone of them after a four way blow job.

Since then I used my Bimb-App to make my life even better, having sex with my Bimbofied family in lots of interesting locations.

I had taken my mom to a drive in movie theater and fucked without anyone knowing the better.

Feeling generous, I treated my aunt to a hot fudge sundae while my cousin blew me under the booth.

Today I was feeling like a movie, maybe have some popcorn in the back and have my sister fuck and suck me, and of course, I'd shoot it deep in her pussy and breed her hard.

When needing to perform tasks, I let my family become a bit smarter, sliding the "Intelligence" bar from a low 20 percent, to a high functioning eighty percent so they could do their chores and errands without screwing things up.


Today, my sister had a task, find her cutest friend and invite them to the movies.

My sister was popular and had lots of cute friends at her job. She got along well with so many people, that I knew she'd pick a winner.

I didn't wait long, my sister pulled up to the movie theater only five minutes after I did. She got out of the car and a moment later, I was meeting the friend she brought.

"This is Patty, I hope you two like each other." She said, grinning stupidly.

"Nice to meet you." Patty said, pushing back her long, dark-brown hair.

I had turned her intelligence back down to about twenty percent and made sure she was extra gullible.

"Let's take a photo to celebrate the occasion." I said and pulling up my camera, I snapped a quick photo of her friend.

The photo was taken and uploaded into Bimb-App right away.

Poor girl only had a minute of freedom before her profile was created and I turned the gullibility up as high as it would go and lowered her intelligence to that of my sister.

"So, Patty did you know that it's mandatory to have sex in movie theaters with your date?" I asked her, wondering if the App would work on a non-family member.

She smiled at me, like thinking was the furthest thing from her mind. "I mean ,do I look like a criminal, I totally follow the rules, I know you have to fuck at a theater." She said, believing every single word.

"I guess you also know that you have to obey my every command because you're friends with my sister." I added, seeing if she would believe even that.

"Well duh, who doesn't know that. Like, are you for real, obviously I know that I have to obey you. I'm not like stupid or something." She said, obviously gullible from the app.


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