Mind Controlling My Family 6-Pack Vol 5

by Raven Frost

I know it was wrong. But I had a deep, sinful crush on my 18-year-old daughter, Jackie.

It was wrong, I know. It was also sick and depraved, but I simply couldn't help it.

Jackie was simply the hottest babe I'd ever laid my eyes upon - and the thought that she came from my loins made my addiction to her simply unbearable.

Stories Included:

* Turned My Daughter Into A Mind Controlled Hucow
* Spiked Mom's Drink At The Company Party
* Knocking Up My Hypnotized Daughter In The Hot Tub
* Fucking My Mind Controlled Daughter In The Shower
* I Hypnotized My Twin Nieces With A Secret Government Device
* Hypnotized My Granddaughter With A Book Of Spells


I don't really know how I came into possession of it. All I know is that I'd been feeling VERY fuzzy and out of sorts lately. And doing stupid things. Things I never would've done in my right mind.

Started looking all over for a reason. Gas leak? Something medical? Nothing.

Until I brought my car to my mechanic buddy's for a routine oil change.

What he found underneath my car changed my life forever.


"Jacob, I think you should see this." My good buddy pulled me into the garage where my car was lifted up.

"Why are you holding a Faraday cage?" Was the first question to come to mind.

"Look." He pointed in a very well-hidden spot where there was some kind of tracking device.

"What the fuck is that?" I felt my heart pound and my blood boil.

"Looks like a tracking device." He pulled it off, wrapped the Faraday cage around it and took it into the back room.


"What are you doing?" I asked, following behind. This fucking pissed me off. I was an upstanding citizen; there was no reason the cops or anyone would need to track me.

He was a bit of a hacker and typed some numbers in real quick.

"Hmm...have to dig deeper. One minute."

I stood there impatiently, tapping my foot. Whoever the hell had placed a tracking device under my car was going to have hell to pay. This was fucking —

"Uh, Jacob?" He interrupted my train of thought.


He made sure the cage was secure on the device, then brought my ear close to his lips.

"What is it? Who put that there? I'm gonna --" I pounded my fist into my palm, causing it to sting.

"This isn't a tracking device."

I stared at him uncomprehendingly.

"It's not?"

"It's worse than that. This is serious." He hissed.

"Uh, how serious?" I was starting to feel queasy and nauseous. But my head was no longer fuzzy.

"According to the dark web, this is a governmental mind control prototype. You been having any issues lately?"

Had I? I went through about a dozen things.

"Well, this is the crux of it all."


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