Mind Controlling My Family 6-Pack Vol 2

by Raven Frost

Book Cover: Mind Controlling My Family 6-Pack Vol 2

I had the strangest fucking dream I've ever had last night. Don't even remember most of it, just something about some strange witchdoctor giving me a voodoo doll of my daughter and showing me how to use it.

Waking up, I brushed it aside - until I stumbled over said voodoo doll and heard my daughter cry out in the other room.

Stories Included:

- Hypnotizing My Bimbo Sister
- Voodoo Doll Mind Control Daughter Fucking
- Fucking My Mind Controlled Daughter By The Pool
- Using An App To Mind-Control My Sister
- A Demon Hypnotized My Sister!
- Hypnotizing My Aunt


My adorable and loving daughter, Emily, had always been more of a daddy’s girl - to my big surprise, as soon as she turned 18, instead of wanting to explore the world and becoming more of an independent woman, she became even clingier!

Her mom, my wife, wasn’t happy about it. When she was her age, she had already long left the nest and didn’t need any further support from her parents. That’s great for her and all, but that doesn’t mean our daughter needs to be that way.

She’s her own person and perfect already. I'm sure that as soon as she felt comfortable enough, she’d let us know. Besides, once Emily is gone she’ll be gone for good - and that would have deeply saddened me.

No longer being able to enjoy her joyful hugs, little innocent kisses and interesting discussions about guys (with the accompanying uncomfortable-for-most-parents sexual questions) would’ve killed me!


Other dads were jealous of our strong relationship - they had lost their daughters to the Internet or some creepy losers who girls considered “cool” because they smoked weed and cared little for the law. Not my baby girl.

One night, an unfortunately dramatic fight had broken out between Emily and my wife. Tears were shed and hurtful words were thrown around. Apparently, she had signed up our daughter for an out-of-country exchange program in Europe. The reason was apparently simple: to widen her horizons and learn other cultures, so that she would gain interest in moving out.

This time, I couldn’t take my daughter’s side, as my wife made abundantly clear - unless I wanted to lose everything I cared for.


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