Mind Controlling My Family 6-Pack Vol 1

by Raven Frost

Book Cover: Mind Controlling My Family 6-Pack Vol 1

It was one of those lazy Sunday nights, in which the four of us were relaxing in the living room together watching some cheesy movies; Mom, dad, my 18-year-old sister Julie and I, that is.

There was nothing remarkable or abnormal about our family - except for one little thing - which some might see as a problem - I was hopelessly in love with my angel of a sister and jerked myself every night to the thoughts of catching her nude or her walking in on me

Stories Included:

* Genie Hypnotized My Sister!
* Mind-Controlled Mom
* Mind Controlling My Wife & Daughter
* Mind-Controlling My Daughter Behind Her Mother’s Back!
* Mind Controlling Sis In The Backseat – While Mom Drove!
* Caught Fucking My Mind Controlled Sister


My mom, sister and I loved going on long road trips together - it was a wholesome family tradition. Keira, my adorable little sister, had just turned 18 and sadly announced this would be our last trip together - she was going to move away to rent an apartment with her two best friends, far away from our home town.

The relationship between my sister and I was often described as weird or creepy from outsiders; they were just jealous that we got along so well and didn’t see a problem with platonic cuddling as we got older.

It was hard to keep my hands off her - Keira was a stunning petite athlete with a trained body - her ass was round and hard, her tits on the smaller side, yet incredibly perky and boner-inducing.

As time passed, I realized that I could never develop any real feelings towards women I was dating. I would constantly be comparing them to Keira, and none of them ever lived up to the expectation.


I concluded that I was hopelessly in love with my own sister - it wasn’t my fault, I didn’t ask to feel this way - but I had to deal with it one way or another. Normal people would suppress these feelings. Not me, I had something else in mind. A little dirtier.

I couldn’t let her leave me, be out of my life like that: I had to do something about it. I spent days browsing the deepest and darkest corners of the web for advice...until I found something which would eventually get me more than I bargained for. A bracelet - not any old bracelet, but an enchanted one - or so the ad said.

If I made my sister wear it while also being the nearest male in her direct proximity, she would hopelessly fall under my total control; as a bonus, it also had strong aphrodisiac effects.

Within seconds, I had paid the steep price, it didn’t matter if it worked or not, I had to at least give it a shot. It arrived the very next day in a neat padded envelope, just in time.

“Hey sis - I’ve got a little something for you, so you don’t forget about me!” I put the bracelet around her thin wrist.


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