Mind Controlling My Family 3-Pack Vol 8

by Raven Frost

Book Cover: Mind Controlling My Family 3-Pack Vol 8

My sister, Jessica, was a real hottie. Just 18, the body of Venus and a temper to match.

I'd been told never to stick my dick in crazy, but with this mind control pill, I could fuck her all I wanted - and she'd never know.

Stories Included:

* Exorcism Left My Daughter An Empty, Hypnotized Shell
* Hypnotizing My Daughter With A Pill
* Fucked My Mind Controlled Sister Pregnant


The priest did everything he could. He fought with the demon in Cassie's 18-year-old body, even rolling around on the floor with it.

But in the end, even though he could cast off the demon, he couldn't bring Cassie back. She was gone.

In her place, was an empty vessel.

A vessel I could fill with whatever I desired...


It took some getting used to, sure. Not having my happy-go-lucky daughter running around the house anymore, talking to her college friends, working at Micky D's. It was tough.

Her mother - my ex - thought we should place her in a home and let her live out her empty days.

But I told her to shove off. She was my daughter and I'll be damned if I was going to leave her alone.

Besides...I harbored a very deep, dark secret. One that would tear our family apart if it ever came to light.

I hid a secret desire to fuck my daughter.


Since the priest had apologized profusely, cut a check and left in a hurry, I used that money to make Cassie as much at home as I possibly could.

I also used that money to set up a sex dungeon where I could have my way with her anytime I desired.

Ever since she'd turned 18, I'd developed very wicked, sexual fantasies about my daughter - most of them involving plunging my cock deep into her tight little cunny and making a baby inside her fertile womb.

Fantasies which now that she was completely hypnotized and broken, I would fulfill.

I'd never done anything so depraved in all my life.

Cassie was a tall, vivacious blonde with with deep, green eyes, volleyball legs and a smile that brightened every room she graced.

Oh, and a rack that rocked my world.

See, while Cassie's personality was gone, she was in such a trance-like state that I could extract any personality I wanted from her.

Even her own.

But when I snapped my fingers, she was back in a daze. And wouldn't remember a thing I'd just done or said.


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