Mind Controlling My Family 3-Pack Vol 3

by Raven Frost

Book Cover: Mind Controlling My Family 3-Pack Vol 3

My 18-year-old sister, Barbie, was one of the dumbest chicks I'd ever met in my entire life. She was, 100%, a Kevina - a "special" woman who may have been so hot she could melt a candle, but her mental facilities weren't exactly...

All there.

Stories Included:

* Hypnotizing My Bimbo Sister
* Voodoo Doll Mind Control Daughter Fucking
* Fucking My Mind Controlled Daughter By The Pool


I had the strangest fucking dream I've ever had last night. Don't even remember most of it, just something about some strange witchdoctor giving me a voodoo doll of my daughter and showing me how to use it.

Waking up, I brushed it aside - until I stumbled over said voodoo doll and heard my daughter cry out in the other room.


I had to pee real bad, so I grabbed the doll that bore a very striking resemblance to my very beautiful, 19-year-old daughter, Michelle. Even down to her voluptuous tits and curvy hips.

As I was relieving myself, I studied the doll. Every part of her body was labeled. If I pressed on that specific part, it would induce a specific reaction.

I pressed on her bladder and moments later she came rushing in, red in the face and doing "the dance."

"Daddy, please hurry, I really have to go!" She crossed her legs and did her best to hold it.

"No, I don't think I will." I smiled and watched Michelle's face blanch.


"Daddy!" She moaned.

Michelle was wearing a short, whimsical summer dress with a red pattern on it.

"If you really need to go, do it here." I pointed in front of the sink.

"What? I can't --"

Then I pressed the top of the doll's head, which read "mind control."

Instantly, she stepped out of her panties, squatted down and relieved herself.

I shook my dick, wiped it off, then turned and watched in amazement as my rather shy, 19-year-old daughter tinkled on the floor - right in front of me.

"Daddy, don't stare!" She gasped, her face flushing deep crimson.

But I couldn't help it. My extremely gorgeous, voluptuous daughter was squatting obscenely in front of me pissing on the floor like it was an every day occurrence.

So, of course I stared.


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