Mind Controlling My Family 3-Pack Vol 2

by Raven Frost

Book Cover: Mind Controlling My Family 3-Pack Vol 2

Charlie used to be a real daddy’s girl, she could never get enough of my hugs and kisses; as soon as she ran into problems of any kind, I’d be the first person she’d seek advice from. There were no secrets between us either - our relationship couldn’t have been stronger, I was a very proud father and couldn’t be happier.

Sadly, this completely changed when she turned 18

Stories Included:

* Mind-Controlling My Daughter Behind Her Mother’s Back!
* Mind Controlling Sis In The Backseat – While Mom Drove!
* Caught Fucking My Mind Controlled Sister


It was one of those lazy Sunday nights, in which the four of us were relaxing in the living room together watching some cheesy movies; Mom, dad, my 18-year-old sister Julie and I, that is.

There was nothing remarkable or abnormal about our family really - except for one little thing - which some might see as a problem - I was hopelessly in love with my angel of a sister and jerked myself every night to the thoughts of catching her nude or her walking in on me while I was jerking off.

The fact that having these incestuous desires was so frowned upon in society, that they were infinitely forbidden and wrong, only gave them more power. Porn wasn’t cutting it anymore and I couldn’t even think about going out with other girls - none would ever be as perfect as my beautiful pure young sister.


Julie, for me, was the incarnation of the goddess Aphrodite; she represented love, beauty, pleasure, passion and procreation - all in one. She had an impeccable body; ample large breasts, thick silky thighs and a bubbly round ass. I could swear she had some kind of magical aura around which made me hopelessly lust for her.

I had shared my experiences and feelings with people who were “suffering” from similar problems on a forum which I discovered on the dark web. I couldn’t tell anyone in real life, they would lock me up or force me to see a shrink.

Out of the blue, one of the senior users sent me a private message, informing me that there was quite a simple and satisfying solution to my problems - which were torturing me on a daily basis. He had been vetting me and realized I was a kindred spirit and worthy of taking a sip from their holy grail, so to speak.

There’s a pill which - when ingested - turned the victim into a horny sex demon of sorts, the next sexual order aimed at them would instantly activate the effects. The only side effect was that it also caused the victim to sweat profusely. This would cure my condition, he said, and sent me a bottle of them in the mail free of charge.

A week later, I received his anonymous package and wasted no time - it was Sunday and we were sitting around the TV again, when I sneaked off to the kitchen and slipped one of those magical pills into a soda.


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