Mind Controlling My Family 3-Pack Vol 1

by Raven Frost

Book Cover: Mind Controlling My Family 3-Pack Vol 1

Mom and dad had left for a sudden, extremely important business trip; they would be out of the country for at least two weeks - I was tasked with taking care of my bratty sister, Brandy.

Just 18 and about to take her important final exams, normally I wouldn't give two shits about her, but with this extra responsibility bestowed upon me, I felt some weird fatherly obligation towards my younger sis.

Stories Included:

* Genie Hypnotized My Sister!
* Mind-Controlled Mom
* Mind Controlling My Wife & Daughter


My mom suffered from a streak of bad luck when it came to men, ever since my dad was out of the picture, she had been trying to meet someone new. She used to get all hyped up days before her first date, shopping for pretty dresses and spending a fortune at the hair salon.

However, as soon as she got back, you could feel the heartbreak without needing to ask. They were either immediately turned off when she told them that she was a mother, or were straight up shitty people - she didn't have time to mess around with men who weren't looking for something serious.

She had been taking care of me by herself my entire life, it was now time for me to pay her back. The fact that her needs were never being met took their toll on her. Going too long without having your sexual desires satisfied will eventually make itself be noticed by the people around you - like it was in our case.


I'd hear my own mother masturbate almost every night, the walls between our bedrooms were too thin. And she was quite audible, even when she surely tried her best to hide it. I'd be lying if I said it didn't turn me on; that I didn't also try to simultaneously cum with her.

You see, mom was quite the catch. Even though she was in her late forties, her body said otherwise. She regularly went to the gym and made sure to keep everything tight and curvy - she still knew exactly how to turn men's heads.

Her massive melons were always proudly being displayed instead of hidden behind jackets and buttoned up tops. She enjoyed keeping her juicy round ass in tight-fitting yoga pants and in combination with her angelic-looking long blonde hair, if you had seen her the first time from behind, you’d think she was a 25-year-old.


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