Mind Controlling My Family 12-Pack Vol 1

by Raven Frost

Book Cover: Mind Controlling My Family 12-Pack Vol 1

I had the strangest fucking dream I've ever had last night. Don't even remember most of it, just something about some strange witchdoctor giving me a voodoo doll of my daughter and showing me how to use it.

Waking up, I brushed it aside - until I stumbled over said voodoo doll and heard my daughter cry out in the other room.

Stories Included:

* Genie Hypnotized My Sister!
* Mind-Controlled Mom
* Mind Controlling My Wife & Daughter
* Mind-Controlling My Daughter Behind Her Mother’s Back!
* Mind Controlling Sis In The Backseat – While Mom Drove!
* Caught Fucking My Mind Controlled Sister
* Hypnotizing My Bimbo Sister
* Voodoo Doll Mind Control Daughter Fucking
* Fucking My Mind Controlled Daughter By The Pool
* Using An App To Mind-Control My Sister
* A Demon Hypnotized My Sister!
* Hypnotizing My Aunt


We’d been going through a rough phase the past few months...My once adorable little sister Ava, who had just turned 18, decided that her new “thing” was an unhealthy obsession towards Satan. Not sure how she got into the scene, it evolved from emo to goth to eventually Satanism.

Dressing herself only in black, finding spiky jewelry fashionable and having a horribly grim view on life in general was only the beginning. The dreadful loud music, which was basically just a bunch of angry people shouting, was also part of the package. Lucky us!

Dad found his escape by working longer than necessary hours at the office, while mom tried to avoid it all by simply ignoring the whole thing - pretending that it was still her beautiful cute little angel playing dress up for a school play or something; that she would turn back into the happy normal girl in a matter of days.


I was sick and tired of this garbage too, especially when she began with the demonic rituals part - she ordered animal blood and old spell books online.

On the flip-side, it also made her change in other…interesting ways.

Her inhibitions were lowered; from the once shy little flat chested girl evolved a grown young woman - curvy hips with a juicy round ass and large tits.

I could swear she had tiny nipple piercings too, meaning she apparently turned into somewhat of a kinkier version of herself, this whole Satan stuff makes certain girls horny in a twisted way.

This caused me to have a mixed set of emotions towards Ava, since she changed so drastically in a short span of time, not only physically, but emotionally too...I couldn’t help but imagine her in sexual scenarios with myself.

I’d probably always had a thing for goth chicks - the fact that this was my sister, however, didn’t seem to change my attraction. Only intensify it.


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