Mind Controlling My Daughter While My Wife Sleeps

by Amber FoxxFire

Book Cover: Mind Controlling My Daughter While My Wife Sleeps

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With my wife asleep, Maria — our beautiful eighteen-year old daughter — was finishing up a late night snack in the kitchen.

Being Maria’s father meant that she should have been the one girl who was off-limits. But I was just too far gone in my addiction to easy sex, and I couldn't ignore my cravings for her curvy body any longer.


I first discovered the power of mind control a few weeks ago when Lucy — the hot PA I hired to help assist me in my latest business venture — came strolling into work wearing the shortest skirt I had ever seen.

As we went over some contracts in my private office, I got an eyeful of her juicy ass as it stretched the dark material of her micro-skirt. When I caught a glimpse of her white cotton panties — as she bent down to retrieve a document that I’d ‘accidentally' dropped on the floor — all kinds of wicked and depraved thoughts flooded through me.

I wanted to turn her around to face me so I could forcibly tear off her blouse and bite on her succulent, perky tits.

At first it was just a picture I was painting in my head — a horny fantasy of a boss with their sexy new female hire. Never in a million years did I anticipate what was about to happen just by thinking about it!


Every fantasy burning in my lust-addled brain she acted out in graphic detail. It was like she could read my mind; and it was like I could control hers by simply thinking about what I wanted her to do before she did it.

After fucking her bareback on my desk all morning, I visited a witch doctor downtown to see if this was just some freak fluke of nature. The witch doctor — an old woman who was known as the local crank — told me that I’d been gifted with the power of mind control. She said that any girl who crossed my path, so long as I had a desire for them, would bend to my will.

This witch doctor never had the best of reputations, but I had no reason to doubt her; especially after leaving a hot batch of salty cum inside the tender, snug pussy of my smoking-hot PA!

Such a revelation was like being told you’d just won the lottery. And ever since that fateful day I was on cloud nine. However, being a married man meant having such incredible powers also posed a major dilemma. Although I was cheating, I couldn't run the risk of being caught by my wife.

With such an awesome gift, though, and after fucking countless women since, I was soon about to put my powers to the ultimate test…


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