Mind Controlling Mom & Sis To Breed

by Amber FoxxFire

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Looking for a way to get into my sister’s panties, I found out that a friend’s father worked for the government as a chemist. With a bit of money under the table, I “convinced” him to let me have a batch of his experimental mind control liquid.

Eagerly, I slipped it into Summer’s drink. She was my bitch now, willing and ready to do everything I wanted.

Unexpectedly, mom caught us in the bedroom.


"You've teased me for the last time," I said to my sister. Eager to show her the consequences of her actions, I quickly walked up to my tease of a sister and planted my lips right on hers.

"Andy? What on earth do you think you're doing? Get your filthy paws off me!" My sister moaned in my mouth, her emerald eyes flashing angrily.

Strangely, she made no move to stop me.

That was because of the mind-control potion I had jacked her drink with. See, Summer had been unmercifully torturing me all summer long. Ever since she'd turned 18, she'd been teasing and flaunting her succulent, lithe body, shoving her breasts in my face every chance she got.

I had simply had enough.

Enlisting the help of my friend's father, a chemist by trade, I purchased a new experimental drug that altered the mental state of the imbiber. Just for a few short hours, but that was all I needed.


Essentially, my sister was completely and utterly under my full control and command. I could get her to do anything I damn well pleased.

And what I pleased was her.

She was surprised by my suddenness, but she definitely liked my kiss, she welcomed my tongue when I opened up my lips and slipped it inside her mouth for a French kiss. My hands grabbed her breasts and I squeezed them. I groped her chest as I kept the kiss going and let my tongue rub up against hers.

I could see her panting, she had been surprised by the kiss and she wasn't used to it, but she clearly wanted more. She looked excited, her chest was heaving and her eyes looked at me with desire. Her long, black hair was gorgeous and it paired well with her emerald eyes. Of course her large breasts were especially tantalizing and urged me forward.

"I told you if you kept wearing that bikini around the house and teasing me, something bad would happen. Seeing you like that makes me fucking horny." I said.

She looked at me and nodded, understanding what she had done and why I just had to kiss her. "Well what are you going to do next?" She asked coquettishly.

Yep, she was completely under my spell.

My sister was now - for all intents and purposes - my cum slut.

"I'm going to teach you who's the man of the house." I said.

With that, I took her hand and led her to the bedroom. Once there, I closed the door and turned back to my hot little eighteen year old sister and ripped off her bikini. It was bright, neon green and quite small, barely covering her ample boob flesh. She had teased me with it long enough and now that I had the mind control potion, I was going to dominate the shit out of my little sister.


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