Mind Controlling A Bitch To Breed My Puppies

by Amber FoxxFire

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On a walk, my human gave me a treat. A mind control treat. Then he set me loose upon the unsuspecting 18-year-old neighbor girl. With my new-found mind control powers, I put them to good use and dominated that bitch, knocking her up with my puppies.

Master was pleased. He put a collar around her and brought her home with us.

Got anymore of them…bitches?



"Ahwoooo!" I howled at my master as I ran up to him. He had a treat and I could smell it on him.

He had it in his hand and I could smell it, the meat smelled good, it would be tasty.

He put the piece of meat on the floor and backed away, immediately I rushed towards it and gobbled it up.

It tasted strange. Not bad, but it had an odd flavor to it. It made my tongue go numb for a second, but then it felt really good going down my throat.

He then took me for a nice walk, he grabbed my leash and we started on my favorite path.

My pure bred husky body was enjoying the nice cool fall weather and as I ran along with my master, I could feel something strange happen inside of me.

Something felt good, but also odd, and as I ran more it grew stronger. I was starting to feel horny, and my mind was focusing on wanting to breed. I wanted to put my dog seed into some bitches wombs, I wanted to make some puppies.


It was then that I noticed my owner had unhooked my leash and was taking a seat.

He was taking a rest, but I wanted to go on more. I barked and started going further down the trail.
The woods around my house were usually empty, but today I saw a woman running around like me and my master.

She was slowing down and I easily caught up to her. It wasn't even hard, she was so slow compared to me.

She was a short one, with black hair and blue eyes, her skin was sun-kissed and she had some curves to her.

Looking at her, I felt an eagerness, a desire to breed her, a desire to dominant her.

As I came closer, I felt an urge to stop her and bark.

"Woof!" I commanded and saw her stop. I barked again and saw her turn around.

She was obeying me, all I had to do was tell her, she was obeying my commands like I was the master.

"Sit!" I commanded, this time thinking the word instead of barking.

She did just that, she sat on her legs and looked at me like she was surprised.

"Walk forward, like a dog!" I said, putting the thought into her mind again.

She started to walk forward like a dog and she even let out her tongue and started to pant.

"Good girl, now lift your leg up." I commanded. She did it instantly and I went in to smell her crotch.


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