Mind-Controlled To Obey 8-Pack Vol 4

by Amber FoxxFire

Book Cover: Mind-Controlled To Obey 8-Pack Vol 4

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Ah, Mexico! Known for lot's of things, there's something else it's known for - in the right circles, that is.

Mind control drugs.

Vacationing across the southern border was an experience I'll never forget. Mainly because of a black market vendor I ran across in a shady dive bar. The guy took me and a lady of my choice back in the back room and demonstrated the potion for me.

The lady I chose?

- Controlling My Daughter And Her Mother With A Voodoo Doll - Part 2
- Mind Controlled By The Stallion
- Hypnotized By Space Raptors
- Mind Controlled By The Werewolf
- Mother Mind Control 1: I Couldn't Believe Mom Let Me Do That!
- Beast Mind Control 1: Mind Controlled By My Husband's Dog
- Sister Mind Control 1: My Sister Obeyed My Every Command
- Mother Mind Control 2: Payback's A Bitch, But So Was My Mom


I stared at my wife in abject horror as I realized that not only did she know what I had done to our daughter, but that she held the doll. I didn't know if it would work for her or not.

Her smile grew wider as she held up the doll. "Slap your father for me!" She said.

The next thing I felt was Michelle's hand rake across my face.

"I'm sorry, daddy..." she cried as I continued cumming in her. "Mommy made me do it."

Roxanne, my wife, actually laughed - cold and cruel - as she ordered her daughter to do things against her will. It was quite a struggle, but I was finally able to snatch the doll out of her hands.

That's when she kicked us both out.

"If I see your face one more time, I'm calling the cops! Now both of you, get out!" She slammed the door on our naked bodies.

Thankfully, I still had the doll.

"Daddy, what are we going to do now?" Michelle asked, shivering.

"Get in the car, I'll call John."



"Listen, I need your help." I explained to my co-worker who had given me the doll in the first place.

"Yeah?" He eyed Michelle's naked, voluptuous body up and down and I could tell his pants were tenting. "Perhaps..." He smiled greedily. "For a price."

I shivered, thinking about my Michelle getting drilled by John's big cock.

I nodded. "Okay, whatever. I just need to get another one of those dolls!"

"Sure. Oh and while I'm banging your daughter, you can bang mine." We exchanged voodoo dolls like some bizarre toy dealers.

I kissed Michelle on the lips. "It's okay. We'll get mommy back. Just do whatever he wants." I then turned my attention to John's daughter, Daisy.

"Are you ready to do whatever I ask?" I said to Daisy.

"Yes, daddy Steve!" She threw her arms around me and kissed me like a long-lost lover. "What is it you desire?" She whispered seductively in my ear as she rubbed my naked, expanding cock.

"Upstairs, second room on the right," John winked and threw me the keys.


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