Mind Controlled My Sister To Ovulate

by Amber FoxxFire

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I needed an heir. Someone to continue on the family line. But who? Then I saw my sexy sister flaunting her gorgeous body around in my face.

That’s when it hit me! An old friend gave me what he claimed to be a mind control potion. Would it work? Would it cause my sister to obey my every command? Would it allow me to take complete control of her mind and body? Could I even make her ovulate?


There has to be a way to make a legacy for myself, some way to kick start a family - hopefully quick - as I'm not getting any younger, I'm twenty seven and I need to think about this.

Placing my coffee cup in the sink, I look at my sister and notice her carefree attitude, her whimsy just another day of playing and hanging out with friends laid back demeanor.

She was eighteen years old, in the prime of her life and she wasn't even thinking about the future, her life, or of things to come.

She was also in the prime of her breeding life, but she probably wouldn't even think about kids for awhile. She was wasting so much potential.

Then it hit me like a sack of bricks: she was the answer. To solve both our problems, all I needed to do was breed my sister!

It was the perfect idea. I just needed to somehow put my seed deep within her. Just a belly full of sperm and she'd help me fix my situation and hers.


Skipping back to my room, I rummaged around in my sock drawer and pulled out an old-looking bottle that I'd kept around for ages.

A gift from an old friend, it was a special bottle of mind control potion, a strong concoction that would make any girl obey my every command. Until now, I'd never found a girl I wanted to use it on.

At least that's what he told me. But still, even if it was only a chance it was a chance, I was going to take it.

For my future, and my sister's, I was going to have to make her obey me, and then I was going to have to breed a baby into her fertile womb.

She was dressing and about to leave for practice. I had to act quickly, I didn't want to wait to give it her. I wanted to try my plan out right away.

Grabbing a cup, I poured the potion in and then mixed it with a bit of sports drink I knew sis liked.
Before she could head out tho door, I handed her the concoction. "I see you're going to practice, it's going to be hot out so make sure you stay hydrated." I suggested.

She looked at me strangely, but accepted the cup none-the-less and drank from it. She was either thirsty or being nice because she drained the cup in one go and set it on the counter.

"Thanks big brother. You're always looking out for me. But I really should be going now." She said and took a few steps towards the door.

"Stop." I said and held my breath. Would it work?

She jerked to a stop and then slowly started walking towards the door again, the potion was starting to take effect!

"Turn around, come towards me." I ordered, this time my voice more firm and commanding.

She heard me this time and stopped instantly. She turned on her heel and was walking back to me as quickly as she could.

She looked at me a bit blankly, not sure what was going on, like she was waiting for an order.


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