Mind Controlled My Daughter At The Public Showers

by Raven Frost

The short walk to the men’s semi-public shower cubicle at the end of the room was hot as all hell, Cindy’s erect nipples had been poking through her bikini top and my fully engorged boner was doing the same through my swimming trunks. Luckily there wasn’t much going on around us at that moment.

“Take that off darling, we are going to shower together naked.” I ordered


It was our first family trip in ages, we were pretty hyped the entire way here. Cindy just had her 19th birthday and was looking around for an apartment of her own.

My wife Cheryl and I were about to lose our angel and it hurt. We’d get some freedom back, sure, but we were a tight knit family and uncomfortable with the idea of our daughter leaving the nest already.

Back when she was younger she absolutely adored these trips to the splash park - it was a local attraction for the last 40 years and we had many happy memories here.

Some real happy new memories were about to be made here, my two girls didn’t know anything about it just yet though.

Ever since Cindy had started hanging out with different, more mature girlfriends last year, her clothing style and attitude towards men had changed drastically. No longer would she be a shy, polite young woman - now the words “manipulative”, “slutty” and “hot” were much more fitting.


Even my wife had been perplexed, she didn’t have such a wild phase at her age - yet she was the kind of mom who just wanted her daughter to be happy and experiment their way through their life. I could only agree...I didn’t want two enemies around me at home, I’m not mad.

This had changed me as well - I no longer felt protective fatherly feelings towards her. I saw her with completely different eyes...when my wife and I had sex the first thing to come to my mind was Cindy, I couldn’t do anything about it. When I thought about her I simply got incredibly horny and filled with lust - that was just biology, I couldn’t do anything about it.

That’s when I decided I needed to make my move on her before she was to leave soon. I needed a little help though obviously, or I would just end up destroying my family and going to jail - losing everything. Fuck that.

After days of browsing every dark corner of the deep web I stumbled upon a “mystical” bracelet with hypnotic properties, enchanted with the powers of an almighty wizard. It cost a small fortune, but that’s what my rainy day fund was all about. Who needs to pay off a mortgage when they can take a good shot at having sex with their absolutely stunning 19-year-old perfect fit daughter? Exactly.

Apparently all I had to do was make her wear it and start commanding her around. She should obey without hesitation and after taking it off she’d forget about everything. Perfect.

This was precisely why I picked this location to create such a happy memory together, the thought of doing something so naughty and taboo in a public place with the risk of getting caught made me a hundred times hornier. Everybody has their kinks. Exhibitionism and incest was mine, and I was damn proud of it.


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