Mind Controlled By Grampa

by Amber FoxxFire

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My 18-year-old granddaughter, Suzie, was running around in tight clothes and acting like a slut. Somebody had to put a stop to it. Thanks to grandma’s mind-control potion, the only time she’s allowed to act like a slut is when I tell her to.


I waited until Mabel had completely left before daring to speak.

"C'mere, baby," I crooked my finger at my luscious granddaughter.

"Yes, gramps." Suzie slowly walked over to me.

I took a deep breath. "Grandpa wants to see what you look like under all those clothes. Why don't you take them off?" I suggested. I watched as confusion and puzzlement crossed her face. But without a word she began lifting her shirt up off over her head.

"Slowly, Suze…Make it slow and hot." I fished my cock from my pants. The ferocity of it jumping out startled me.

My large-chested, innocent granddaughter slowly began swaying her hips and teasing me with her youth. She smiled seductively and began lifting her shirt up, first only exposing her bare belly, then more and more of her soft flesh came into view until her breasts bounced freely in front of me. I reached out for them, but she pulled back shyly.


"No, grampa!" She playfully swatted my hand. "I'm not done stripping yet."

I gulped as her searing flesh was within inches of my fingers. My mouth salivated and I began stroking my throbbing cock. Who needed Viagra when you had a young, nubile granddaughter who was completely under your control.

My cock jumped in my hand and I was surprised at how much pre-cum I had produced. I sat back and watched my daughter belly dance for me, shaking her large, pillowy breasts in my face. Her short-shorts were the next to come off and then there was only the flimsiest of cloth separating me from every single one of my old man's fantasies.

Suzie locked her eyes on mine as she inserted her thumbs on either side of her panties.


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