Mind Controlled By The Lion

by Amber FoxxFire

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Jane didn’t know how or why, but somehow she’d ended up trapped inside a lion’s cage. With no one around, she had quickly been mind controlled and was now at the large, black-maned lion’s beck and call. She didn’t know it, but she was just the first of many.

With the experimental mind control drug Nero had ingested, he vowed to start up his own human pride. With Jane’s help.


What's going on? Jane looked around as a bead of sweat trickled down her back.

The young, 18-year-old woman glanced around the spacious lion taming arena. Why am I here?

Rubbing her neck, she felt a strange sensation trickle through her.

Suddenly, a vicious roar shattered the air, causing her to jump.

"Nero. Why are you here?" She rubbed her neck. Cobwebs slipped from her mind as sleep fled from her.
The large, black-maned lion shook his head. His thick mane was flung one way, then the other. His deep, golden eyes were so mesmerizing Jane trembled as something strange tingled through her lithe body.
"Let me out." His deep voice rang through the air.

"What? Lions aren't supposed to talk!" Jane hurried to the cage and unlocked the door.

"Says who?" He growled as he strode out of his confined area.

"This is a dream." Jane couldn't believe this was real. She pinched herself.

Ouch! It wasn't.


Nero sat with his tail curled around his massive front legs.

"Undress." His command echoed through the air.

"What? Are you kidding?"

Jane felt so flushed with heat she couldn't explain the reason. Her pussy was so wet and eager for...for what, she didn't know.

She'd never undressed before anyone, much less than a lion. He was an animal, though, but still it felt strange like something would happen.

She disrobed before him and her body flushed as excitement coursed through her naked form. Her breathing was fast and her heart pounding and she wondered if he felt the same.

"Good." The lion exclaimed. She swore she could see a wicked smile spread across his face.

He approached her, flicking his tail and rubbing his large head on her legs. She toppled over giggling.

"Kiss me." He commanded.

"Yes, your majesty." Jane said, peppering searing kisses on his muzzle. This was so weird, but she found she couldn't help herself. It was like he had some kind of control over her.

She licked his lips and snaked her tongue into his mouth. Jane purred as she explored his mouth, rubbing herself submissively against him.


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