Mind-Controlled & Broken By The Stallion

by Studly Stallion

Loki. With a name like that, you'd expect greatness. And the largest, most powerful stallion to ever grace the world, delivered.

I'd rescued the poor, nearly dead foal from an evil, dark unicorn and had taken him in and given him shelter.

Everything was fine until one day he devoured my mind-control treats and showed me his true intentions.

Now I feared for my life… But it wasn’t my life he wanted.


As I came home from college, I went round back to see my black stallion, Loki. I hadn't seen him in quite some time and I was eager to see what he was up to.

When I got to his pen, I saw that the gates had been left open.

"Loki!" I cried, then turned around when I heard a snort.

"What --"

Loki stood tall and proud behind me, his red eyes gleaming in the light. A snort of fire puffed from his nose and he pawed the ground menacingly.

"Oh, there you are! You silly boy!" I rushed forward to pet the large, 19 hands high beast, but there was something different about him. A look in his eye that I'd never seen before.

"Loki?" I put my hand out to pet his large, strong nose, but he pulled away.

Then I remembered the treats I had ordered. I looked all around for them, but couldn't find them anywhere. The last place I looked was his stall...and found the tell-tale wrapper lying on the floor.


"Oh no! Bad Loki!" I waggled my finger at him. "Those treats were for me so I could control you better."

Loki came up behind me. His massive body was so huge that it blocked out the light.

"Too bad." He snorted, his words coming from his mouth were crystal clear and the tone sent wicked chills up my spine. "You're mine now. You will obey me."

"Loki?" I shivered and backed up into the stall.

Loki slammed the barn door shut - hard enough that the entire room shook.

"Loki? What's going on? You wouldn't hurt your mistress would you? I'm the one who rescued you in the middle of the night and bottle-fed you until you could eat on your own!"

Loki advanced, a tight smile playing across his horsey face.

A violent shiver swept through my body as I pressed all the way against the far side of barn. I was trapped!

And still the large, black, red-eyed stallion advanced...one hoof at a time.

My heart thundered fiercely in my chest as I tried to figure out what he was doing. Surely he didn't want to hurt me, did he?"

Moments later, with nowhere to run and nowhere to hide, I came face to face with my own mortality. Loki was staring me down, his nose inches from mine. The air was thick with fear and I may have even peed my panties at that point.

"Loki? If you let me go, I can get you your favorite treat. A carrot!"

He snorted derisively.

"I'll even give you the entire package of carrots!" I said, fear gripping my heart.

But Loki wanted nothing to do with THAT type of treat.


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