Mind Controlled To Breed

by Amber FoxxFire

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My gorgeous, 18-year-old next door neighbor, Janet, just moved in. Large breasts, curvy hips, deep, soulful blue eyes. She had it all. What she didn’t have, was my baby in her belly.

With the help of my newly-created mind-control device, that was about to change.



The machine was programmed to make her obedient, wanting only to say yes to me - her new master. I took the helmet off and then shook her, hoping to rouse her and make her pay attention to me.

“Janet, do you know who I am?” I asked her.

Looking into her stunning blue eyes eyes they seemed blank for a moment, but then they perked up when she noticed it was me.

“Of course I do, master. I was hoping to see you.” She said warmly just like before, but now it was all for me, she was mine and she would do exactly as I said.

“Janet, honey, you are such a good girl, but you are alone, you have no boyfriend, no husband, this is very bad. You need a man in your life to take care of you.” I stated.

“You don’t need to think about this, you will choose me. Be happy because now I can do all the hard thinking for you.” I stated.


She seemed very happy, her smile as bigger than ever and she nodded in agreement. “You are my boyfriend of course, of course I choose you, there is no thinking involved.” She said quickly.

I sat closer to her, our bodies very close and I put my hand on her cheek and start rubbing it.

“I’m glad you're finally thinking intelligently, it makes me happy. Why don’t you go get naked, fix me a drink, and come back and sit by my feet.” I suggested. "Like a good girl."

She looked at me for a moment as she took in the information, while the device had worked perfectly she seemed to be slower, while she made the right choices the machine made her a bit sluggish.

She couldn’t fight it, the control was complete, sadly I would have to work on a new model and make the control easier on her brain, but for now she was doing well. So, I'd be able to completely remove the device.

She started to undress, obeying me completely. She let her clothes fall off, like they were never meant to be on her.

She picked them up and folded them, placing them on the coffee table. She then went over to the wet bar and fixed me a cocktail. Bringing it to me, she sat next to me, leaning against my leg obediently like a dog.


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