Mind Controlled & Bred By The Stallion

by Amber FoxxFire

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A pill that would let me communicate with my stallion? Oh my God, yes! What could possibly go wrong? The second it arrived, I tore into it and downed that pill. But nothing happened.

At least I thought nothing happened.

Behind me, though, Judah burned with new mental energy. Thoughts and ideas he’d never before contemplated suddenly came to him.

Along with the power to enforce them.


"It's here, Judah!" Tracy ripped open the package with a smile on her pink lips and brought out a bottle of pills.

The stallion sniffed the pills and nickered, pawing the ground. Patting his long neck, she dumped one out and studied it.

These pills would give her the ability to talk to and understand her horse. She was eager to try them to see if it'd would work. It would make things so much better if they could talk to each other when she rode him.

It was experimental. All she could do was hope it would work.

She headed for the house and Judah followed, wondering what was going on. He couldn't understand her excitement.

She headed to the kitchen and grabbed a glass from a cabinet. Then, with a shrug, she gulped down the pill.

However, the moment she had taken the pill, there was an explosion in Judah's mind. His intelligence expanded and he could suddenly comprehend more than he had ever though possible.


Tracy emerged from the house, unaware that anything had happened. She walked up to him and stroked his soft nose. Strange thoughts came to her, making her shake her head.

"Take off your clothes." He ordered. It was the one wish he'd had ever since he was a foal. How did a female human look naked?

The blonde-haired 18-year-old goddess swiftly obeyed. Stripping from her clothes, she stood before his greedy gaze. She danced from one foot to the other as she blushed.

"Do you like what you see, master?" She asked, not knowing why she was doing this. Why in the world was she standing completely naked in front of her stallion? This was silly!

"Yes." He whinnied. He admired her nubile body.

She was a willowy young woman with large succulent breasts that jiggled and swayed with each soft step she took. Her long legs, firm ass and heart-shaped face caused his heart to thrum and his cock to rise as he admired her beauty.

"Give me some apples." He said. He tried to think of all the things he had wanted. Extra apples were high on that list.

Tracy rushed into the house and brought out a bucket filled with the juicy fruit. He eagerly munched on them, not believing his luck! What else could he get his human pet to do? That's when the naughty thoughts came.

"Crawl on your hands and knees." He ordered, his breath quick and ragged.

Tracy dropped to the ground and crawled around. It was as if he had complete control over her mind. Would she really do anything he told her?

"Eat some grass." He suggested, knowing that there was no way a human would degrade themselves like that.

She crawled over to the grass and ate it - just as if she were a cow. As she bent over, her hot, pink cunt poked out at him. Her cunt juice clung to her pussy lips as the sunlight kissed it, causing it to glisten in the light.


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