Mind Control & Hypnosis 4-Pack Vol 2

by Amber FoxxFire

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4 Super-hot mind control stories to sate your lust upon. These women (and men) will do anything their controllers want them to. Anything.

- Mind-Controlled Mom
- Mind-Controlling My Brother
- Impregnating my Mind-Controlled Wife & Daughter
- Hypnotized by My Daughter


Stories Included:

* Mind-Controlled Mom

For years I’d been working on the perfect mind-control device. With it, I could have any woman I wanted. However, I didn’t want just any woman. I wanted mom.

* Mind-Controlling My Brother

After having just broke up with her boyfriend, Olivia was hot, bothered and horny as hell. Taking matters into her own hands, she finds a way to “convince” her studly, hunky brother to do her bidding.

Of course, that meant only one thing. But what happens when dad comes home? Will her secret be found out?

* Impregnating my Mind-Controlled Wife & Daughter

Having recently broke up with his wife, Dan wasn’t getting his daily dose of hot, marital sex. He soon began lusting after his sexy, sweet and innocent 18-year-old daughter, Emma. Trouble was, she’d never fall for her old man.

That’s where he was wrong. With the help of a special ring from his friend, of course.


His wife walking in on them was just an added bonus. Two birds with one stone…

* Hypnotized by My Daughter

Looking for a way to lose my virginity with my daddy, I was drawn to a magic shop. The lady seemed to know exactly what I needed.

What I needed, was daddy’s cock.


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