Mind Control 6-Pack Vol 1

by Amber FoxxFire

Book Cover: Mind Control 6-Pack Vol 1

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6 HOT mind control/hypnosis stories for your reading pleasure. You’ll LOVE these stories!

Stories Included:

- Remote Controlled Sister
- Mind Controlled My Bimbo Daughters
- Free Use Hypnosis Ring 1: Taking The Blonde Babe On The Bus
- Free Use Hypnosis Ring 2: Stealing The Asian Chick Away From Her Boyfriend
- Free Use Hypnosis Ring 3: Giving It To The Thicc Curvy Chick
- Free Use Hypnosis Ring 4: Fucking My Sister's Steaming Pussy


I'd always wanted to do this. To see if I could convince my giggly, large-breasted 18-year-old twin daughters to do my bidding. Their laughter and shrieking at all hours of the night got old real quick.

They were constantly getting into trouble - as only twins can do. They were vapid, horny sex-pots always talking about guys. But of course neither of them had even seen a guy naked before.

But this one little pill would change all that - and my daughters - forever.


"Hi daddy!" Jessica, my blonde-haired, big-chested goddess of a daughter bounded down the stairs and kissed me on the top of the head. My cock twitched in my pants as I could smell her sexual perfume. No doubt she'd been masturbating all night long - or playing around with her sister.

She stopped and stared for a moment at the three amber-filled glasses on the table.

"Are we expecting company?"

"Hmm?" I looked up from my newspaper, trying desperately to hide my smile.


She indicated to the three glasses. "Those..." She furrowed her brows.

"Oh! Those are for the three of us! You, me and Cindy."

Her furrows deepened.

"Me and Cindy? But...but we're not allowed to drink..." I could see her practically drooling over the thought of tasting the precious amber liquid that daddy always kept under lock and key.

"No? Well, maybe it's time to change that. Go get your sister and have your first stiff drink with daddy."

I didn't let Jessica see it, but my hands were literally shaking. I'd mixed in the mind control pills that I'd gotten off the Dark Web a week ago. They'd never tasted hard liqueur before, so they'd have no idea it was a little...off.


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