Mind Control 4-Pack Vol. 1

by Krissy Cox

Bundle includes the first four books in the Mind Control Series:

  • Daddy Daughter - Mind Control #1
  • Daddy's Hucow - Mind Control #2
  • Grandpa's Anal Surprise - Mind Control #3
  • Daddy Bred Me with the Dog - Mind Control #4

Daddy Daughter - Mind Control #1 - Sarah’s going nowhere in life. After dropping out of college she moved back in with her parents. Frustrated, Sarah's dad is taking matters into his own hands with a new drug that was developed at his family's pharmaceutical lab. The drug is called Mind Control, and that’s exactly what he’s going to do — take back control.

Daddy's Hucow - Mind Control #2 - Tessa is a teasing little cunt and her dad is fed up with her behavior. So he decides to use experimental drugs, Mind Control and LacPlus on Tessa to teach her a life lesson -- nobody likes a tease.

Grandpa's Anal Surprise - Mind Control #3 - Grandpa Stevens finds out his young, barely legal granddaughter, Tara, is selling sex online as a webcam girl. Rather than tell her parents, he fixes the problem with the help of Mind Control and leaves a surprise in both of Tara's holes.


Daddy Bred Me with the Dog - Mind Control #4 - Dr. Greg Stevens knows the only way to control his daughter, Sarah’s, slutty ways is to make it where no man will want to fuck her ever again. So, he uses his new drug, IXB, and the family’s Great Dane to breed Sarah with a litter of humpups.


About the Author

Krissy Cox began writing erotica for her own personal enjoyment. She started her career as an author when her brother dared her to publish her naughty stories online. When Krissy isn't writing edgy fantasies for her readers, you can find her jogging on a trail, getting lost in the stacks of her local library or spending time with her daddy.

Krissy also writes under Kinsey Fox on retailers with stricter adult filters.


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