Mind Control 3-Pack Vol 1

by Amber FoxxFire

Book Cover: Mind Control 3-Pack Vol 1

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What happens when womens' minds become subjugated? How will these ladies react to having their agency taken away from them by dominant men who seek only one thing?

One thing is for certain: These hot babes have no choice in the matter; they must do exactly as they are told.

No questions asked.

Stories Included:

- Remote Controlled Sister
- Mind Controlled My Bimbo Daughters
- Free Use Hypnosis Ring 1: Taking The Blonde Babe On The Bus


Not only did the remote control work, it worked perfectly. Amber, my eighteen-year old little sister - who had long blonde hair and a tight body any man would kill to play with - put on the black boots and G-string I had instructed her to without hesitation. Knowing that the control was only set to one, made my cock ache at what she would do when I shifted it to five - the maximum level.

I bought the boots and G-string at a sex store on my way back from work. With our parents away for the weekend, we had the house to ourselves, which meant I could do anything I wanted to her with total impunity.

I purchased the magic mind control remote a week ago from the dark web and had been itching to finally put it to good use. I wasn’t sure if it would work, but I had to try.


I was older than Amber by almost ten years and had mostly lived overseas while she grew up. The first time I saw her - when I returned home from my final tour of duty a little over three months ago - she had just turned eighteen.

It was lust at first sight.

Amber was practically a stranger to me these days and the fact that she was my younger sister did nothing to soften the raging hard-on that tented my pants when my gaze first landed on her incredibly curvy body. I didn’t give a fuck that it was wrong to feel such craven desires for a family member. After all, sex was just sex in my mind and I was pretty confident that she liked what she saw in me too.

The military had kept me fit and strong. Standing just shy of six-foot five, and sporting a perfect six-pack and a dense suit of muscles, I was positive that I could throw Amber around my bedroom with ease. Rolling in bed with her as my cock got sucked into her tight pussy was all I could think about these last three months. I was desperate and would have done anything to get what I wanted.


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