Mind Control 20-Pack Vol 1

by Amber FoxxFire

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Jackie didn't know what had come over her. One moment she was talking to her daddy about her day and the next she suddenly felt very heavy and sleepy. The last thing she remembered was daddy snapping his fingers.

"That's it, princess..." She heard her father's soothing voice break through the heaviness in her brain. "That's a good girl. Can you hear me?" He asked.

"Yes, daddy..." She said in a strange monotone voice that she'd never heard before.

Stories Included:

- Dog is my Master
- Mind-Controlled by the Hell-Hound
- Hypnotizing Mom & Sis
- Hypnotizing my Daughter
- Mind-Controlled by Daddy
- Mind-Controlled Mom
- Mind Controlled by the Boss's Dog
- Compelled to take Daddy's Seed
- Mind-Controlling My Brother
- Knocking up My Mind-Controlled Niece
- Impregnating my Mind-Controlled Wife & Daughter
- Hypnotized by My Daughter
- Hypnotizing My Uncle
- Mind Controlled by the Dark Unicorn
- Mind Controlled & Punished By Daddy
- Fucking My Obedient, Mind-Controlled Daughter
- Hypnotized to Obey - Neighborhood Gangbang
- Mind Controlled By Grampa
- Hypnotized By My Dog
- Hypnotizing My Cousin


Okay, so I needed money. And I needed it now. Daddy was off shopping for groceries and I told him I couldn't go because I didn't feel well.

Such a total lie. Really, my daddy always had money laying around his room. Once, I was cleaning something for him and a stack of twenties rolled out. Too bad he didn't let me keep it.

"Come on, I should've found something already," I mumbled.

I kept digging around the dresser drawers and even around under his bed. Something had to give.

Then that's when I had a creative thought. Daddy's wardrobe. Surely one of his pants pockets would have a wad of cash in it.

"Ugh, daddy doesn't fold anything in here anymore. Sheesh."

His underwear was all over the ground. And being the little slutty 18-year-old I was, I picked up a pair and sniffed it at the crotch part. Only the crotch part.

"God, Daddy's cock smells so good. Nice and earthy."


My pussy tingled and my thighs squirmed together. God, daddy had to have been big down there for such a musky earthy scent.

"Ugh, think Melanie, you need money. Look, look!" I said to myself out loud, throwing his underwear to the side and rummaging around the closet.

I found a few twenties, but only about... let's see, about sixty dollars. I needed two hundred. There was no way I could go to the Rox concert with only sixty. That would barely get me a damn ticket through the gate.

I was gaining some momentum. Then I hit a couple of fifties and more twenties. Jackpot! I found a couple of hundred dollar bills.

"Yes," I exclaimed.

For a second, my dirty mind tried to get me to explore daddy's underwear some more as a reward. I even thought about how it would probably feel fucking daddy into the ground like a slut. But I still didn't want to stop. There had to be at least six hundred dollar in this closet.

Daddy’s cock was still on my mind. And by the time I finished this cash hunt, I would need another pair of dry panties.


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