Mind Control 2: Mind Controlled Mom To Kick Dad Out Of The House

by Amber FoxxFire

It was the last straw! Mom had married some loser named Pete. He was a fucking asshole. Now that I was 18, he wanted me out of the house. Well, fuck him! I was here first!

Mom agreed with him.

That's when I bought a box of mind control pills to...change mom's mind.

It all happened so fast. The day I turned 18, I came home to find all my stuff strewn out on the lawn. Everything. When I asked mom about it, she just said that since I was an adult now, I was responsible for myself.

After some prodding, I found out that it was Pete's idea. That fucking jerk! He just wanted to bang mom in peace.

So, that night, staying at a friend's place, I got the bright idea to see if I could find something to change mom's mind.

And that's how I stumbled across the mind control pills. The seller had a long spiel about the legitimacy of the pills, the effectiveness of them, etc. I wasn't too convinced.

But at this point, I was desperate.

Seeing as he was an old buddy of my friend's, he agreed to let me try one - with the stipulation that if it worked, I had to buy the entire box.

I agreed. I mean, what could possibly go wrong, right?

Well, as soon as mom opened the door, my plan was put into action. I walked inside, and immediately, before she could even say anything, I offered to make us some tea.

I knew mom was a sucker for tea, so before she could even say anything, I poured us both a cup and mixed in two of the pills.

One for me. One for her.

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