Milked By Daddy

by Amber FoxxFire

Ever since I’d turned 18, my breasts had started filling with milk. They were large, leaky and VERY sensitive. I could hardly touch them. Every day I milked them the best I could. But it was never enough. I also hid my condition from daddy.

One day while playing with my leaky breasts, daddy happened in on me and instead of being shocked and surprised, he showed me how good it could really feel!


I had begun to look around to see what I could do. That was when I saw the sink full with last night’s dinner dishes. I sprinted over and began to clean them. The warm water rushing over my hands felt good. My nipples started to give a nice trickle of milk and I made sure they were hanging over the the sink a little.

“God, this warm water would feel good on my tits about now.”

As I rinsed the last dish, I felt the familiar tingle in my breasts. It was time to milk these udders.

If there was anything I was going to do, then daddy would be involved in it.

I scampered off to my bedroom and threw off my shirt. These breasts needed to be pumped. But not my a pump, but an actual set of lips. A mouth… with stubble and a curious tongue. Yes, a rough tongue, like daddy’s.


“Oh, daddy, you’d feel perfect on them,” I moaned as I rubbed and massaged my full heavy breasts. They were still perky and my nipples were huge. Arousal and a full pair of boobs with milk was a dangerous combo.

My pussy had begun to moisten up. Damn, daddy was a true narcotic all on his own.

I was able to lift a nipple up to my mouth and suck on it tenderly. My mouth didn’t give me the satisfaction of another’s. Especially daddy’s. His mouth was the key to an endless orgasm that could have me shooting to the moon and back.

My body begged to be touched by daddy, bitten, sucked, and damn it, fucked. Fucked really hard. My fingers played with my big hardened clit. Pussy juice soaked my fingers and my mind went on a wild spree.


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