Milked For a Bet : Daddy’s Cream 6

by Millie King

Book Cover: Milked For a Bet : Daddy’s Cream 6
Part of the Daddy's Cream series:

Watching TV can teach you the craziest things.  Today Daddy’s watching a program about induced lactation of all things.  I can’t believe it’s real!  When I call bullshit Daddy throws down a bet: try it on me and if it works, he can do whatever he wants.

I’m taken aback but determined to prove him wrong … and kind of hoping he’s right too!  Read how he milks my big tits and has his way with me.


“It’s not working,” I said, smiling like a brat that was about to get her way.

“Just a second,” Daddy said, concentrating harder.

His fingers felt amazing as they tickled my teat, but still the milk didn’t come.  I couldn’t decide what I wanted more: to get one over on Daddy or to keep him massaging my tits.

“Give me the remote,” I said, holding out a hand.

“Wait,” Daddy snapped.

I sighed, looking down to his hands as the gripped around my breast.  He started to squeeze out towards the nipple, over and over as though it were an udder.  All of a sudden I felt an entirely different sensation.

My breast began to swell, the veins a little more pronounced and the nipple ripe and more pert than usual.

“What’s happening?” I asked, forgetting the bet altogether.

Daddy was concentrating hard, as though he was in the middle of some important heart-surgery.  “Just … a … second.”


I stared down in disbelief as the feeling grew.  It was as though I’d eaten too much and was about to burst, except instead of my stomach it was tits.

Daddy squeezed again, kneading my breast and working towards the taut nipple.  The pressure mounted and I let out a whimper as it broke, looking down to see a jet of milk fire from my breast and hit Daddy square in the face.

He recoiled in shock, then a smile blossomed on his face and he wiped the milk from his cheek.  He looked to his hand and held it up to me, as though he hadn’t already proved himself.

“Milk,” he said.

“Wow,” was about all I could say, my mouth hanging open in disbelief.  Daddy brought a finger to his lips and pushed it in his mouth, then he took another drop on his finger and brought it towards my face.

I opened my mouth and sucked over the digit, running my tongue around it and tasting the sweet warmth of my nectar.

Daddy beamed as he looked at me enjoying it.

“Do it again,” I said, excited.

Daddy was excited too and he wasted no time in working both of my breasts.  The slightest push saw another stream of milk spiral from my nipple and sprinkle his clothes.

“Damn,” I said.  “I guess you’re right.”

Daddy laughed and then his face turned serious as he looked back to my tits, pointing both nipples towards his face before giving them a good squeeze.  The milk shot from them and hit him from both sides.

I watched closely, a mixture of surprise, arousal and intrigue swirling on my expression.  My mouth opened with Daddy’s as he moved his head towards the source, clamping his mouth over the nipple and sucking it past his lips.

I grunted with satisfaction and threw my head back when he latched himself on to me.  Daddy began to suckle like a new-born, working my nipple between his lips like he was suddenly a pro.  The milk continued to spring from my breast and he sucked it down hungrily.

My hand ran through his hair as I held him to my chest, suddenly feeling a connection to him like no other.  It was as though our relationship had jumped a couple of steps in one short instant.

My nipples were bolt stiff and showed no sign of calming down.  Daddy’s tongue circled them and I felt the ecstasy flow over me.

“Remember the bet?” he asked, pulling off my nipple.

“Anything, Daddy.  You can do anything.”


About the Author

Millie King writes naughty lactation erotica that'll leave you dripping, along with the main character!

Dominant men drain younger woman of their nectar, guzzling down their cream while getting harder and harder by the second until they have to get drained themselves!

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